Monday, December 8, 2008

picture this

i have the promised holiday post coming up, but as i was preparing and de-assing the pics from my camera i found all of these and decided to share : )

remember a week or so ago when i said we had a two-hour school delay because of the...ahem...snow? yeah, this was the accumulation we got that day : ) i made the girl take pictures to prove it.

as i was scrolling through the pictures on the camera i found this and almost cried. one of the kids took it at some point, they're always taking pictures w/ my camera. this was my kitty rebel. i can't believe it's been a week since we buried him.

yeah, random pictures? this is one the boy took. i don't even ask anymore.

this is little jasper, hanging out in the hubs' recliner.

here's a shot of the boy on the trampoline on one of those awesome fall days we had.


Sherendipity said...

wow, babycakes, that sure is a whole lot of snow ya got there.

creative kerfuffle said...

shere--yeah, i know. nothing compared to what you get in canuckistan : )