Tuesday, December 16, 2008

they call her mississippi..

ok, not really. nobody calls me mississippi but i have that train song embedded in my brain on a loop. she's the one that makes me...faaaaaaaaalllllllll...they call her mississippi, but she don't flow to me. ahem. i had previously posted that my private nation was the best train cd but i might have to add drops of jupiter to that, and not just because drops of jupiter is my song. really. i think pat wrote it about me. i remember exactly where i was when i heard it for the first time and a light bulb came on and i knew he wrote it about me. but like if the hubs was singing it about me. anyhooo. (too much coffee this morning, yes, possibly, maybe). also, pat (train's lead singer) is my boyfriend and he has a solo cd out. which would make an AWESOME christmas present for people who like pat and/or train. just saying.

this is actually a lazy post because i'm procrastinating writing a story for work and was looking at peeps blogs and so here's what you're getting for now.

broad posted this story about gay penguins (totally stealing my post idea btw) and you should check it out. if you like penguins. and gays. because i do. like both that is.

sherendipity is guest posting here about what is possibly the weirdest christmas thing i've ever heard of. i'm still not sure i believe it. really.

hotch has a non-buying mantra on her post today talking about how enough really is enough. i'm trying to buy into it, but, so far, it's not working.

astarte made me totally jealous cos she's in her pjs drinking cocoa spiked coffee (yeah, act like you didn't already know all about that trick cos she thinks she discovered it : ). i won her contest for most embarrassing holiday moment. schweet!

bea has totally resorted to stress-cleaning. go give her some bloggy love.

kristin has her lovely tree up, heinous has some psycho neighbors and just is talking about redo buttons and he's got a second blog up for poetry.


broad minded said...

well if you didn't want me to steal the idea you should have posted about it before you sent me the link. plus, i would have posted about it even if you had already posted b/c it is right up my left wing alley and that is just how i roll.

Anonymous said...

Hope one of your friends get the CD for you. I am not buying anything from your boyfriend. He should be paying me rental.


Sherendipity said...

I love Train. Love, love, love them.
They're one of my favourites.

creative kerfuffle said...

broad--left wing...penguins? ; ) he he. useless wings. your post was good, much better than what i would have written fo sho.

hubs--i totally wouldn't trade you for paul; but i want the cd.

shere--schweet! i might have to blog about all the train songs i love, but there are so many. i've seen them twice in concert.

Heinous said...

Wow, I haven't listened to Train in years. I should find that CD

Can you have too much coffee? I must have misread that.

justsomethoughts... said...

crops pf jupiter is an awesome song. and even when i get tired of the music (yes. it did get overplayed.), the lyrics keep amazing me.