Sunday, December 28, 2008

new poll and craziness

so i got depressed w/ the poll about snow because it seems that only two people were expecting or had some. alas, north carolina is overcast and gloomy, but no damn snow.

instead i put up a more exciting poll : ) be brave, cast your vote.

and on the craziness? yeah. remember i mentioned i got a new tree on sale after christmas? 65$ for a prelit (white lights) slim tree. well we got a wreath and a few other decorations as well. what did we do yesterday? the hubs put up the new outdoor decor and last night we put up the new tree, decorated it and took down the old one. i know. i know. you don't have to tell me it was crazy. but, we're having a party on friday and we wanted to put the new stuff up. i'll snap a pic of the new tree and post it later.

and also? last night we finished season four of lost and i am no more sure of what the hell is going on than i was before. the writers for that show are fucking brilliant. i can't figure anything out and it drives me crazy. the hubs casually said, what if they decide to stop after season 5 instead of going all the way like they've planned. i can only imagine that there would be a huge population of pissed off, frustrated people if they pulled the plug. i need answers. i need resolutions.

it's sunday and we're looking at a whole week off. it's daunting. there are house projects the hubs and i want to get done, but i also don't want to spend the whole week working. of course it's almost 2 pm and we're all still in our pajamas : )

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Hotch Potchery said...

Okay, I totally left you a comment about sex and crazy. Maybe I left it on another post.