Saturday, December 6, 2008

i'm so very ashamed

i am so very very ashamed. i was sitting here getting ready to post and the kids are watching zoey 101. if you don't have kids between the ages of 8-13 you probably have no idea waht i'm talking about. anyway--the hubs asked the boy which girl he liked. the hubs said he kinda liked the nerdy girl w/ glasses cos she reminded him of me in high school (awwwww, yes, that was sweet in a twisted way) and dammit if my son didn't say, i like the stupid girls cos they're hot. !!!!!!!!!!!! W.T.F! really? i am appalled and ashamed.

shit, now i forgot what i was going to post. i had like four posts written in my head. really. and they were good.

so i have sort of a tmi question for you. the hubs asserts that since i am a multiple-O type of girl that i technically owe him like elebenty hundred Os in return. for real?

the hubs did something nice today. remember we had to buy a car to replace his since it pretty much died? i mean it already didn't have heat; we'd just put about $1000 of work into it and it was going to take another god knows how many thousand to get it fixed; plus it had a lot of miles on it. anyway, a week or so ago an ex-employee had called him and they were chatting and she said she heard he got a new car. she then launched into a tale about how her car died completely and she was borrowing her folks car to get to work. she asked about our car. the hubs told her everything that was wrong w/ it but she still wanted it. so, today we drove to BFE and he gave it to her. granted, it needs a lot of work and he had to take the battery out of his truck to get it there, but i think that was still a pretty nice thing.


Heinous said...

Yeah, like he'll ever get paid back. Just tell him that you are enough reward ;)

That was really nice, btw.

creative kerfuffle said...

heinous---yeah, i think after 16 yrs he knows he totally scored.

broad minded said...

aww . . the hubs has a heart ;)

i would say on average since it is usually harder for a woman to orgasm than a guy the hubs needs to take one for the team . . .