Friday, December 19, 2008

meeting online

today i have "met" one of my best friend's boyfriends. ok, she has one boyfriend, she is one of my best friends. and boyfriend sounds so 8th-graderish.

i hounded her into giving me his email address and i promptly and politely introduced myself. she's bringing him w/ her to our holiday (after christmas) party and i wanted to get a feel for him.

srsly? dude is awesome. on paper. you know, what you can tell from emailing w/ someone. the three of us have been emailing back and forth and he's incredibly funny. that's a plus. i suspect that he also is a smart ass, another plus. and it is obvious he cares for her. plus, plus. and that she is happy. plus, plus, plus.

so far i have only found one problem w/ him. he is not a cat person. she is a cat person. hmmmm.


Astarte said...

DH wasn't a cat person, either. Really, if a guy has any brains in his head, he sucks it up and gets cats/dogs/hamsters/sharks/whatever.

Sherendipity said...

Brad's allergic. He was never a cat person either. Now he has his own fat cat, and loves her like crazy.

Heinous said...

People can be converted into cat people. You know, people that like cats, not the "ancient curse/turn into large, jungle cats" type of cat people.

creative kerfuffle said...

astarte---i'm not sure this one will give in on the cat thing; he has a dog. an old dog. that doesn't like cats.

shere--and really? what's not to love about cats?

heinous--if people could be converted into jungle cats the daughter would have done that year ago. : ) though i too could see some good reasons to want to turn into a cat.