Sunday, December 14, 2008

lost, a party and omg...cookies

friday---the hubs and are are lost addicts. it is almost, but i don't think quite as bad as our west wing addiction. the thing is, we never actually watch these shows when they're on. a few years ago we found west wing on bravo. we started buying each season on dvd. we have them all. we've watched them about 4-5 times. we heart it. then, i borrowed season one of lost from a friend. we'd never seen it on tv. we were again hooked. we bought seasons 2 and 3 and waited impatiently for season 4. the hubs bought it friday night. omg. we watched 3 episodes and dammit if i'm still not as confused as i was at the end of season three. however, i love it. my boyfriends are sayed and sawyer.

saturday---the boy spent the day at a friend's celebrating a birthday and the hubs, the girl and i went grocery shopping and to get baking supplies. saturday night we all went to a friend's christmas party. this is another one of my friend's that is martha-fucking-stewart (i have like 3 who have this disease). her house looked spectacular, all decked out for christmas and so cozy and lots of yummy food. she does awesome home improvement projects like tiling her entire kitchen back splash in this blue/green mosaic looking shards of tile thing. and covering her cabinets w/ copper tiles. seriously, awesome. the hubs was pretty much the lone republican there and for whatever reason he got off on it and had a great time stirring the pot. he is quite the instigator. i came home feeling like i needed to hire a maid to clean my house and i should get my ass in gear and DO something.

sunday---the girl and i baked. we literally did not get out of our pajamas. though we are not finished, today we made:
2 batches of fudge (one w/ and one w/out nuts; the boy doesn't like nuts)
2 batches of rice crispy treats
vanilla/chocolate pinwheel cookies
gingerbread cookies
peanut butter cookies w/ hershey kisses on top
and we have two basic cookie dough made and in the fridge for sugar cookies later this week

whew! while we were doing that the hubs made this caribbean chicken in his non-fryer for dinner along w/ mashed potatoes (really, what's NOT to love about mashed potatoes), gravy and green beans.

it was a pretty good weekend all around.


Hotch Potchery said...

LOST! We love that show. We have been discussing when to rewatch Season 4 to be ready for Season 5 in January.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Please explain Lost to me. My hubs is a fan (and I was for season 1 before I got lost!). I just am confused and turned around and maybe not smart enough for that show.

Loved West Wing! Loved it! You're making me want to go rent the dvds.

justsomethoughts... said...

mmmmm cookies. ok. so you know the way to a man's heart already.

Sherendipity said...

I pms'ed all weekend with a broken toe. Can you IMAGINE what life was like around here?

Spanx said...

LOVED the hubs Sat night. Was still laughing about some of his comments on Sun.:-) The boy needs to get out more, sweets!! Ha!
Oh - TOTALLY agree about the Martha thing - made me feel incompetent and useless in my own home. ARGH

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--we've been discussing how to handle season 5 because we've NEVER watched it in real time. i think the suspense would literally kill me.

bea--you are not alone in your confusion. i think it's what keeps me hooked though, it is so unpredictable and it drives me nuts. it's like a ginormous puzzle. i swear the writers have to be tripping on acid or are just sheer genius. and west wing!? i HEART it. every single bit of it. the hubs and i refer to it all the time. when obama started naming his peeps i was all like, yeah, he just named his leo, etc. and i totally would have voted for matt santos : ) yum.

just--well, baking's the only good thing i do in the kitchen. the hubs is the real cook. and on bad days the way to a man's heart is right through the rib cage, w/ a sharp object ; ) just kidding! that would be too bloody.

shere--i read about your toe! OUCH. srsly you should go to a dr. and eat a lot of chocolate for the pms.

spanx--dude was in RARE form indeed. i don't know that we could handle him getting out much more often. and the thing about our martha is you can't even hate her cos she's so damned nice!

Astarte said...

Holy cooking, batman!!!!! WOW! Will you all come over to my house and make me some stuff?!?! YUM.