Wednesday, December 3, 2008

dangly balls, orchestral maneuvers and wtf?

i'd forgotten---kitten + christmas trees = fail. jasper the rescued kitty thinks i've just put two ginormous toys filled with balls and dangly things in the house for him to play with. when i came home yesterday he was IN.THE.TREE. i tried squirting him w/ water. ha. he laughs in the face of water. the hubs warned me when we were putting up the tree, "don't put anything that you don't want broken on the tree this year." hmph. i didn't put "our" ornament on. (it's a hand blown glass ornament he bought me when we were dating 500 yrs ago) and i didn't put the ornament from my grandma's tree on it. the hubs also reminded me that rebel and meow also attacked the trees their first christmas. rebel actually used to sit in the boughs of the tree years and years ago. i'm old. i'd forgotten the damage kitties can dish out. the trees have no hope i fear.

last night we went to the girl's holiday performance. she's taking beginning orchestra this year, playing the viola. i was prepared for screeching but in all honesty they weren't half bad. i still get a little verklempt when i see my kids perform anything. i was so proud.

and you think I'M weird? check out this post from the boy's blog:
Welcome back 2 Splash Face ! Ok Ive got a new segment on here when you
hear SPLASH sorts of vetctables will be said like SPLASH ovacoto brokli beats !!!!!! Ive got to go no picks this time cause I dont know how to work it

Barries are good
results may verey

i don't even know what that means?!

and this is from the girl's blog:
today's blog is all about the spectacular program given by the 6th and 7th involved orchestra,band, and chorus.i believe every word about our dazzling goes to show that practice might make perfect.there were some pretty cool songs the way, i have never been on a airplane(while being aware of it)before.

notice she also does not use caps? i thought, cool, she takes after me. then she explained it's because they haven't gotten to the caps key in keyboarding yet : ) he he

now, my dilemma is that the kids know i have a blog but hello---there's no way in hell i'd let them read it. i'm going to have to think about this because while i don't think the boy will figure it out, i'm sure the girl eventually will and there's just stuff she doesn't need to read. quite a dilemma.


Heinous said...

Kitties and trees...the never ending battle of wits.

Just tell your kids they're not allowed to read it. They'll totally listen.

Sherendipity said...

Every Christmas I put the handmade tree skirt, that my Grandmother crafted for me, under the tree and I remember fondly my long gone kitteh that used to sit there from the day I put the tree up, until the day I took it down. I swear he only ever moved to eat and poop. And then it was back on the tree skirt. Stupid kittehs.

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there have been posts on my site where I will type something like: "See, Jordan, I told you not to read Mum's blog."
I think for the most part it works. They really don't want to read any of the embarrassing stuff that you don't want them to read.

creative kerfuffle said...

heinous--really? YOUR boy wouldn't read yours? : ) he he
shere--i swear to god if i were skinny and brunette we'd be freakin' twins. ahem, i ALSO have a tree skirt my grandma made for me (when i was in college) and i put it under our family tree in the living room : ) do you really think your kids don't read yours? mine totally would, well, the girl totally would. she's nosey, like me, and would read it and then regret it most likely.

Astarte said...

I think that's total boy-stream-of-consciousness there. Phew. Boys are WEIRD.