Sunday, December 28, 2008


just some random things spewing from my brain that might make you say damn.

  • i'm such a non-jewelry wearer (aside from earrings) that i take my rings off as soon as i come home and put them on a ring holder on the kitchen window sill. i think it's because i wash my hands so much and when i do they try to slip off. this includes my wedding rings. sometimes on the weekends i forget to put them on and then i'm out and about w/ the kids w/out my rings on and i wonder if people think i'm a single mom or if i'm w/ the hubs w/out them i wonder if people think we're not married.
  • the hubs has an obsession w/ qvc and hsn.
  • have you ever truly been happy w/ your vacuum or mop? these are two household things that i'm never satisfied w/ their performance. i might like a new one for a week or two then i discover that they totally suck.
  • when i was in high school one of my friends and i walked several blocks to a pay phone to call a recording of billy idol. remember white wedding? yeah that guy. we squealed like silly girls are wont to do. i don't really care anything about billy idol now.
  • i almost hate to write this one cos the hubs will take it as the go-ahead to get another dog, but, yesterday at my aunt's house i saw the type of dog i want some day. it was a little lhasapoo or some such mix. omg. the dog was too damn cute for its own good. cuddly, small, lap sized. sooo very cute. but seriously, i don't want another animal right now.
  • i am supremely irritated by the lack of good coloring books on the market. i got new crayons for christmas and have been looking for a good coloring book everywhere we go. i don't want a damn cars, princess, or spongebob coloring book. i want just a regular coloring book, no puzzles, no games, no stickers, no characters. are there no good coloring books left in the world? sheesh.
  • do you ever read other people's blogs and wonder about the relationships they have w/ other bloggers? i do. i'm not like this in person really, but in blogville i'm totally like that nosey neighbor woman on bewitched, gladys.
  • for those of you who post pics of yourself and/or your kids--i have a question. i love seeing them, but am ultra paranoid about posting pics of my family on the web. how did you get over that?
  • why do you think women need more foreplay than men?


Hotch Potchery said...

Wow. Again, lots of information in one post.

I don't wear any jewelry, not a wedding band, nothing. They bother me, so I always take them off at random times and they end up stuck in the bottom of my KAVU bag (since I am not grown up enough to carry a purse yet).

I don't clean, so I can't tell you much about cleaning apparati. (I like to pluralize everything that ends in US to an I.)

I am sorry about your cat. I just started reading your blog when that happened and I didn't feel comfortable commenting yet.

If your kids participate in any sport or activity, google their will find it. I am okay with posting pics, because I don't use our real names.

I do wonder about other bloggers and how they are all connected.

Men think about sex constantly so they are in a steady state of foreplay.

Tracy said...

I wear a wedding ring, engagement ring and watch every day. Every day when I come home the first thing I do is take off all three and put them on top of a cabinet in my kitchen.

I wonder about other bloggers relationships too. I get really interested when I see that some of them have met up and especially if there are pictures. I'm a loser.

I put pictures of my kid. I guess I figure since I don't use his name no one can google him, and there is a tracker on my blog so I know who is makes me feel better. Believe me not enough people read my blog for me to be concerned about his anonymity.

Mmm the foreplay thing...I think it is because men are so much more easily aroused..

I answered your sex poll..ha ha ha sex pole...

B is for Bea said...

Gladys (I hadn't thought of Gladys in ages!)...

I only wear a wedding ring & earrings. Never a watch unless I am at work- I keep it in my locker there or I will forget it. I can't wear any jewelry when I sleep though I know of a lot of girls that do. Not possible.

Dyson DC 17 Animal. Love it. Worth the money (but you can get it for lots cheaper if you watch for ads). Still looking for a good mop. I do like that the Libmann (?) mop you can wash the mop head in the washing machine.

Try Michaels for coloring books. At least here they have the plain ones.

I post photos because I don't use real names, address, etc. I regularly google our info and nothing comes up. I guess not being popular is a good thing.

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--what is a kavu bag? and? my purse is actually a diaper bag a pr co sent me at work. NOT like the diaper bags they had when my kids were babies. i like your plurilization methods. you are such a sweetie about the cat. right now the kids aren't doing any extra stuff (they both did scouts before) and oddly enough they have been on the cover of a magazine i worked at years ago.

tracy--(again, so glad you're here!)if you're a loser for wondering about bloggers then i am too. sadly i go so far as to dream up scenarios about them : ) over active imagination. i don't have a huge following either (and frankly i like it that way) and i'm sure it would be a long shot if i did post pics of the kids. i'll have to think about it, cos they really are awesome and i want to show them off. and sex pole? yeah, i typed that first when i was creating it and snickered to myself and changed it : ) i'm a goober.

b is for--curious. no blog?? : ) welcome. and how on earth did you get here? LOL the only jewelry i usually wear to bed is a tiny earring in the 2nd hole in my left ear. i never take that one out. i love the idea of bracelets and watches and have some of both, but i type a lot at work and they get in the way. i've never been a big necklace person. the hubs has been drooling over a dyson on qvc. that or oreck. we had a phantom we liked but it died. and i forgot i had a liebman mop, just threw it in the washer. we have two big dogs and two cats and the hair, omg. i feel like i'm just rearranging it when i mop. i did look at michaels, just yesterday, and no luck on the coloring books. i think i'll have to design my own and become rich.

Kristin.... said...

Holy cow let me see if I can cover this.

I love coloring books. Try AC Moore for a geometric design book. Meg got one and it's cool.

I use our real names and faces on the blog. Anyone who knows me can Google me and find me because of my former lawyer status.

I've met 3 other bloggers and it was awesome. I want to meet others (you included!!!).

Dyson vacuums have a horrible rating. They're expensive but not recommended by Consumer Reports. I have a Kenmore Inteliclean and LOVE it.

I wear my engagement ring, wedding ring, and my grandmother's wedding ring every day. I don't think I ever take them off. I forget to wear earrings because the twins still pull on them.

did I get it all? :)

Hotch Potchery said...

KAVU bags are these pursey type things that you buy at outdoorsy stores. They are made of canvas. LOVE them.

I think B is for Bea is Not Your Aunt Bea...she must just have another alter ego...

Sherendipity said...

omg. I'm so out of the loop. I feel like a hibernating bear that just woke up and doesn't know who to eat first.
I haven't gotten caught up on your posts yet, and am literally falling asleep on my keyboard so I have to drag my tired ass to bed, but I wanted to pop in and say LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU!!
I'll write tomorrow.