Tuesday, December 9, 2008

rebuttal to hotchpotchery

i don't know where to begin. i'm almost peeing my pants w/ glee over this post at hotchpotchery. her questions prompted my post about the PAC (penguins at christmas) below.

this weighty topic bears further discussion and explanation on my part. my aversion to penguins frolicking (don't you love that frolicking has the word licking in it?) with polar bears (aside from the fact that in all reality the bears would most likely eat the poor penguins if given half a chance) mostly stems from the fact that i assumed when marketers did this they did it because they were stupid and thought penguins lived at the north pole. trust me, some people do think this. and really, i might be the only person on the planet that gets irritated with people who do not know where penguins actually live. because god knows that's of critical, global importance. yes, some do live as far north as the tip of south america and some are in new zealand but it just frosted my ass for people to think they lived at the north pole. with the polar bears. plus, i liked lording it over people when i told them they were wrong. that's a genetic defect btw.

so, it isn't really the idea of the penguins and polar bears being friendly, it is the IDEA that people that lump them together were doing so out of ignorance and ignorance, more than PAC, irritates the crap out of me. because i'm simply just not ignorant about anything (yeah, uh, right, and if you believe that one.....)

does that make ANY sense at all? i am all for crossing the The Mason-Dixon Line of Christmas Creatures so long as the penguins are being lumped in at christmas in the spirit of equal opportunity for all animals and foul and not because people think they live at the north pole.

i was going to share some pictures of all the animal ornaments on our trees, to prove that i'm not anti-any animal, but have just realized that uh, aside from a starfish, some sand dollars (do those count?) scooby doo, curious george and a teddy bear, oh, and a few dogs and cats, the only other animal/foul to be found are penguins.

what??? me? having penguin ornaments? alas, yes. but you see, people know this about me, that i love penguins. few people, aside from my friends who read this and my immediate family, know of my dislike for penguin christmas things. so, they get me penguin christmas things. so i have several (alright like elebenty billion) penguin christmas ornaments. they're gifts. i cherish them. i hang them.

the only PAC thing i ever bought myself was a stuffed opus wearing reindeer antlers w/ christmas balls dangling from them. and, while we're talking penguins, cos who doesn't love that? when the girl was a toddler she said it like this...peng-a-wins.


Hotch Potchery said...

So, once, Mr. P was telling me about these cool penguins that live at the tip of South America and I BOLDLY told him that he was making that shit up.

I admit, until maybe 4 or so years ago, I did NOT know that there were no penguins at the north pole. So I lived in ignorance for a large portion of my life, and for that, I am truly sorry.

Whew. I think our first blog war went swimmingly. (Get it? Penguins swim.) Oh my god, my word verification is penguin.

Not really. That would have been cool though.

Astarte said...

To be honest, I think it's advertiser's fault that so many people think they live together. I was totally convinced of it until I was an adult.

I used to have the cutest penguini (as we call them around here) ornaments, but they all fell apart. I need to get some more.

blissfully caffeinated said...

Don't penguins come from San Diego? I saw some there at Sea World. Am confused.

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--i swear to god i think i almost woke the hubs up from his nap i laughed out loud at that. word verify was penguin! the blog war was awesome. and, i'm glad mr. p helped you see the light.

astarte--penguini, too funny. though bad imagery running around in my head now of noodles and penguins.

bc--ouch. please tell me they weren't feeding them to the seals!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I am with you on the Christmas penguins. I think our neighbor's must have finally seen the light because they do *not* have their light up penguins, polar bear, igloo, "pond", North Pole sign, reindeer up. But I do have a penguin on my tree too.

creative kerfuffle said...

bea--sweet jeebus someone w/ some common sense showed up in my corner ; ) your neighbors had an igloo too? yeah, that would have been the final straw for me. penguins in an igloo. omg.