Saturday, December 27, 2008

jasper wreaks havoc and mary poppins babysits

the hubs loves, loves napping in his recliner, but it's something he doesn't often get to do. he got a heated blanket for christmas to take his napping enjoyment up a level. he did get a cozy heated nap in on christmas day, but had to work yesterday.

so, at some point last night (after he'd already taken care of his marital duties) he announced he was going to camp out. huh? yeah, he was going to sleep in his heated nest for the night. though i don't like sleeping w/out him i'd already gotten mine and was pretty tired so we went our separate ways.

at some point he ended up in bed w/ me and this morning i got the back story. once we he got up in the middle of the night jasper, the hellion kittie, claimed the recliner. it should be noted that both cats are blanket whores and love cuddling up w/ anyone who's using one, but they are especially enamored of this heated blanket. so the hubs picked jasper up and tucked him back in the recliner w/ him, only to have jasper attack his feet minutes later. repeatedly. the hubs got up, moved to the couch and then jasper settled into the recliner to sleep. the hubs tried again, only to be attacked once more. that's when he came to bed and jasper won the recliner. ha.

i have mentioned before that we've never had a baby sitter. the only people who've watched my kids are my bro/sil and, begrudgingly my parents. despite my lack of respect for my folks' parenting skills sometimes you just need a night out and what harm can they do in one night right? so last night i had a dream that the hubs and i were getting ready to go out on a date. the kids were younger, the girl was about 5 and the boy 2. i went in to their room, impatient for the baby sitter to arrive, so i started cleaning bird poop off their window ledge (uh, we had watched mike rowe, dirty jobs, last night and that was one of his jobs) when here comes mary poppins, floating up to their window w/ her umbrella. i was all like, where have you been you're late? and then she came in and i woke up. weird huh?


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

That's funny that the kitties attacked his feet. They are always up at wacky hours of the night causing trouble.

And I love Dirty Jobs. Stayed up way too late watching it last night.

Anonymous said...

Well sounds like a great christmas for all. Not so sure about hide the pickle though...sounds like something i havent done in a few months lol anyway im glad all is well and man those kiddies are growin up quick i hope now that i have a little more free time to get to come up and see all of you guys. Love u all DrUnKeN_TiGeR
PS Bet you though i forgot about this blog eh... oh what did i do for christmas I WORKED 12 FUCKING HRS yea it sucked but...$250 for 12 hrs of work def takes some off the pissedofedness (is that a word??) away anyway love u guys!!

Kristin.... said...

Weird dream. Must mean you're ready for a babysitter. :)

Stupid kittens. One of ours, Leonard, wakes me up EVERY SINGLE DAY at 2:30 to kiss me and lay on my face. ugh.

Tracy said...

We have never had a babysitter and this Monday night my mom is staying with our son for a few hours after we put him to bed so we can go get dinner and a drink. I don't particulary care for my mom, or her parenting techinques BUT I need a night out and I figure he will be asleep what could she do...(the sad thing is knowing her A LOT)

creative kerfuffle said...

bea--did you see the one where he was on the sheep farm in colorado? ewwwwwwwwww so nasty.

john--yes, i did think you'd forgotten about the blog and don't freak me out trying to be all anon and all : ) come see us!

kay-kay--yes, it probably does but now that i'm probably ready to leave them w/ someone, i don't know anyone : ) and i love that leo (do you call him that?) kisses you every morning.

tracy--again, right there w/ you on knowing exactly what they can do. that's when we cross our fingers and hope for the best. i hope you and warren have a good night out!

Heinous said...

The cats always win. They're all sneaky like that.

It sounds like you have pretty high standards for a non-related babysitter.

creative kerfuffle said...

heinous--true, cats deem to let us be their staff. and yeah, i'm kinda weird about who i let spend time w/ my kids.