Monday, December 8, 2008

nutcracker smutcracker

*you can stop reading now if you have CK overload. i know i've posted an ass load today but there's a lot running around in my head this evening.

first, yeah, the girl totally apologized to me tonight for being a bitch about wearing her coat. she said i was right, it was cold and she needed it. i love that about her. i really do. she's done that before, been a weenie about something and then came back and apologized.

second, her class (6th grade) went to see the nutcracker today. i was soooo excited and would have loved to have gone w/ her but no parents were allowed. dammit. so when i asked her about it i was expecting glowing reviews and excitement. eh, she said she almost fell asleep.

the girls skirts flew up all the time, even though they were tutus that was gross. the guys wore tights and shirts and you could see all of their stuff and it was gross. that sugarplum fairy was stupid (she makes crazy noises and high pitched squeals). and it was boring. they should have just had the orchestra without the ballet part. nobody in my class liked it.

ah, poor Tchaikovsky, dished by a 6th grader.


Kristin.... said...

The Sugar Plum Fairy made....noises????? WTF? There are no noises in ballet.

We went to the Nutcracker yesterday. Our niece and nephew both dance (she was a snowflake and he was the Mouse King/Russian Cossack). We're damn proud people!!!

Heinous said...

I thought you were supposed to chant, "Unwrap that package!" when the dudes came out in tights.

Astarte said...

Oh, god, the Nutcracker is SO BORING. Josie didn't like it, either, and neither did I!!! We actually left a little early because it was just interminable. There are too many scenes of slow movements, especially for children. Snore....

Also, I found it hard to keep from giggling that men in tights were in a 'nut cracker' show, anyway. CRACK!

creative kerfuffle said...

k---well, the girl squealed and made noises talking about the sugarplum fairy, perhaps the actual fairy didn't. yeah for your niece and nephew!! i bet that was cute.

heinous--well, that's what some of us would chant, but i'd probably have an stroke if my 6th grader did that!

astarte---i confess, i've never seen the whole thing, only bits and pieces (get it, nut cracker) on pbs. several people today have told me it is boring and their least fave ballet. the girl did like the music, and so do i, so that's good. i have that cd. maybe i can get her hooked on that instead of those damned chipmunks. i could totally run them over w/ my car.

Sherendipity said...

lol. you said "nutcracker"

creative kerfuffle said...

shere--and i meant it!