Sunday, December 21, 2008

good stuff and bad stuff

bad stuff----
we had dinner at my SIL's parent's house last night (no, that's not the bad thing, it was actually really nice) but it's the first time we'd seen my bro/SIL/gameboy and puddin' in awhile. like maybe since the weekend after thanksgiving when they came over. i went to hold puddin' (she's 8 months now!) and she flat out bawled when i picked her up. cried. real tears. screamed even. omg it broke my heart. seriously, it took her a long, long time to let me even look at her w/out crying. eventually i got to hold her and got a smile or two out of her, but, nevertheless, i am heartbroken. put me in the shitty aunt category because obviously i haven't seen her enough and she totally forgot who i was and is scared of me now.

i have a bad feeling a sinus infection is trying to take over my body right before christmas. it's been trying to knock down my defenses today. fucker. i hate sinus infections. i get them bad. like i'd rather be dead bad. i've started myself on a heavy dose of everything i have in the house. i hope to scare it the hell off before it settles in. fucker.

last sunday when the girl and i were baking cookies i burned my right wrist taking a batch out of the oven. it hurt a little, but i didn't think it was bad. the next few days i had a spot the size of a quarter on my wrist, but it didn't really hurt. later in the week it started hurting and a layer of skin has since been shed. now i have this nasty, gooey looking quarter size red splotch on my wrist--gross. it looks hideous. i tried to take a picture to share w/ you, but it wouldn't even allow itself to be photographed it was so heinous (no offense to the actual heinous).

good stuff--
last night we went to dinner at my SIL's parent's house. the hubs is incredibly jealous that my brother ended up w/ better in-laws. not only is the SIL's mom a better cook, but their house was clean, they were sociable and friendly, welcoming and it was just a nice evening (aside from me being a shitty aunt and all).

today the hubs and the boy went to the movies while the girl and i did some christmas shopping. the boy is at the age (9) where he likes doing "guy things" w/ the hubs. they went to see the tale of despereaux, which the boy has been begging to see and wants santa to bring him the book for christmas.

i like when one of the kids (the boy in this instance) asks, what's for dinner, and my response gets a YES!!!! (we're having spaghetti).

i have one day of work (tomorrow) then i'm off until jan. 5. i.cannot.wait. yes, i realize that a few days after christmas i will be ready to send the kids somewhere, anywhere because i'll be pulling my hair out, but for now i am looking forward to it.

snuggling in bed w/ the hubs on a sunday afternoon is, perhaps, one of my favorite things in the entire world.


justsomethoughts... said...

hope you enjoy every second of it. the husband, the kids, and the holidays.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Don't feel like a bad aunt! It may just be her temperament. With both of mine, they had that stranger anxiety early (6-7 months) even with their dad who they saw every day. If it wasn't mom, they wailed.

Sounds like a nice weekend otherwise!

Kristin.... said...

D is off starting the 24th thru the 5th. I am....PSYCHED!!!!!!!!!!!! ahem.

Meg LOVES Tale of Despereaux; her teacher has been reading it to the class. I may have to buy it for her birthday.

Hotch Potchery said...

I feel your pain at being rejected by a baby... I hope you fight the cold/flu/sinus crud. Mine lasted from Thanksgiving until last weekend.

Heinous said...

I had one of those burns once. It was self-inflicted though so I have no excuse. No offense taken, btw ;)

I have a vacation coming up like that. They're nice, aren't they?

creative kerfuffle said...

just---i plan to! and i hope you have a great holiday too!

bea---the boy was also like that as a baby, but still. i was.crushed.

k--yeah for D being off! maybe during that time you could sneak away for an afternoon!?

hotch--srsly, mine better not last the entire time i'm off.

heinous--self-inflicted? wtf? i don't do pain well. i'm a wuss.

justsomethoughts... said...

heinous - i did one of those in high school. something we all saw ina movie. on a dare. one of the stupidest things i've ever done...

Tracy said...

I hope you are enjoying your time off!

When my niece and nephew were babies I was a pre-teen and unintrested in babies...I still feel bad about that. I think they like me now though, so that is something.