Thursday, December 18, 2008

junk smelling

the hubs heard one of those "weird" news stories on the radio today. the female dj was reading the story about some guy who came home late from work and his wife asked to smell his junk because she suspected him of cheating.

the male dj broke in then and said, yeah, that's common, smelling the junk to see if it's been where it shouldn't have been.

the female dj (like me) had never heard of this. she continued reading the story. the husband said no, you can't smell my junk, the woman bent down to do it any way and the dude hit her and ran off. guilty. yep, he's guilty.

so, that prompted the pole over there, on the left. it was the hubs' idea.

one of the other male djs said, yeah, you never deny a woman when she wants to smell your junk because you might just get lucky.

the female dj said, uh, so, she's mad at you for coming home late and asks to smell your junk and you think that's going to lead to oral sex? uh, only in your dreams.

and the other guy dj says, well, if she smells my junk and realizes i haven't been cheating then she's happy and i might get lucky.

srsly? do dudes REALLY think like that?


Hotch Potchery said...

What does cheating junk smell like?

Astarte said...

HP - I would imagine it would smell like sex.

You know, I can kind of see why she would demand to do that, since really, I suppose it IS one way to be sure, but... GROSS.

And, yes, I think men are that stupid. AND, they're doubly stupid to think it's a good idea to let an angry woman get teeth within a MILE of their junk.

justsomethoughts... said...

of COURSE we are that stupid.

creative kerfuffle said...

i should add that the hubs later came up with the BRILLIANT idea that if smelling the junk didn't work perhaps there needed to be a taste test. yes, he did say that.

justsomethoughts... said...
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justsomethoughts... said...

hubs for president! it seems he can handle any crisis that comes his way. please be sure to tell him that he has a vote here.

Heinous said...

The taste test is obviously the more scientifically accurate of the two tests.

creative kerfuffle said...

just--ah, and now you know his secret desire (ok, ONE of them) be president. i should warn you though, he's a republican.

heinous--he is much more analytical than i am so it makes sense i suppose.

justsomethoughts... said...

i'm not particularly allergic to republicans. i do however break out in something nasty around stupid people. and the reaction gets even worse around mean ones. i try to stay away from allergens of that nature. it takes me a while to get over the symptoms.

justsomethoughts... said...

and jim for vice prez! YEAH ! what a ticket!

Anonymous said...

How stupid of the woman to ask? Couldn't she pretend she wanted to do something and found out without asking?

I think I may have tried that one time, actually.

Sweet T

Tracy said...

I have heard of this smelling, but I thought it was just an urban myth. Um, who the hell would do that?

creative kerfuffle said...

just--i too have an issue w/ stupid people; they drive me batshit crazy. mean people suck too. the hubs is neither : ) and jim could totally be the vp. i'm going to be toby or sam (their positions on west wing). i think we should fill out the cabinet. i might have to discuss this w/ the hubs.

sweet--yeah, i totally would have been sly about it if i had reason to be. you don't just say, hey, drop your pants i want to smell your junk. not sly at all.

tracy--welcome welcome! i had never even heard of the smelling. the hubs heard it on the radio. and, apparently from my poll, the millions of readers here do not partake in the smelling.