Monday, December 29, 2008

girly mush crap

so, i've been posting for about 3 years now and just figured out that i've made 816 posts. the first couple of years, well, actually until about this year, were different. i just wrote and a few people read me. i was not part of the blogging community. i read other blogs now and then but never commented. this year i joined the blogging community and i'm so glad i did.

i love, love, love my irl friends and family who read this. this post is in no way meant to take away from them. there are several of my very good friends (and sil you are included in that) who read this (i think) regularly and i feel on some level it has brought us closer together. not because i've said anything here or exposed a side of me that they didn't already know, but because maybe i don't get to see them every day and maybe we don't talk on the phone much (i'm not a big phone person). and a few of them have been readers since the first year. and whether here or irl (like this is fake? but you know what i mean) i know they are there for me.

but, i have met some really cool friends through blogs. i love reading them and learning about their families and their good times and bad. i didn't realize how connected i felt toward them--hotch, astarte, kristin, shere--until the holidays and everyone got busy doing the holiday thing (as they should and as did i) and i wasn't connected to them. i was so happy when they each started posting again and i can't tell you how many times i read your posts and think, omg, i could have written that. whether it's an issue you have w/ your family or pajama bottoms or frustrations over kids or life or work or whatever.

fuck i'm sounding like a damn hallmark card. so, just know that i like you, i really like you : )

sheesh, what a mush ball.


Hotch Potchery said...

Is it kind of creepy that I was thinking if I ever happen to be in NC that I would want to meet you?

If that is too weird or scary, then I didn't really think that. I just wanted to see what you thought about maybe me thinking that. K?

Tracy said...

My sister is creepy I would totally watch out, I on the other hand am awesome and totally worth meeting. (I never can tell if people understand I am kidding in comments, but I am)

I was telling my husband I feel like we should meet and compare notes on our parents, I think we would need to have drinks involved but it could be interesting.

Heinous said...

Aww...look at you being all girly ;)

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--if you ever come to NC and you DON'T visit i would have to kick your ass. then your sister would get mad and threaten me and then my bro might get in on it and then god knows what would happen : )

tracy--i love that you can never tell if people get that you are kidding or not because i feel the same way. you and hotch should just meet half way--like, say, in NC (that's midway between jersey and AL right?) : ) and i could see for myself how creepy you are. and we'd totally have a bull session about fucked up parents!

heinous--i know! and i'm even getting my hair done today--also so very girly!

Kristin.... said...

here i am! i've been reading but not commenting. I may even do NABLOPOMO in Jan...or maybe not. :)

You like me? You really like me? Here I go, being all Sally Fieldish.


glad we've become friends!

creative kerfuffle said...

k--good luck on the nablowme. i did that a few years ago. never.ever.again : ) but i'm so glad i met you. and i love sally fields too : )

Sherendipity said...

C'mere, let's hug it out. Come on, give us a squeeze.
Wait, why was I the last one to be mentioned? I wasn't gone that long!! I won't do it again, I PROMISE!!!!

Astarte said...