Wednesday, December 10, 2008

forcing the issue

in our office there are a plethora of departments and each handles birthdays differently. during my tenure here i have been in two and a half departments. i say 'and a half' because right now though my department is its own department, it is tiny (there are 3 of us), it is also considered a part of a much bigger, much more important (in most people's but not my mind). in my old department when it was some one's bday someone would stop and get bagels or we'd have a cake or something as a group. in my tiny department we buy each other presents and sometimes go to lunch. in this big important department they have some elaborate deal about a list and you bring in treats (for the ENTIRE department) for the person who's bday comes either before or after yours. sheesh.

in the two years that i have been considered part of this larger department i have avoided having my name/bday on the list, mainly because then i'd be doing double duty and frankly i don't love all the people in the bigger department that much. to borrow sherendipity's word, many of them are doucecanoes. when the treats are brought in the whole department gets together to lamely sing happy birthday and share the treats. it is an open type area so boycotting this isn't the politically correct thing to do so i do stand in the crowd and pretend to sing. most of the time i don't partake of the treat. sometimes i do.

today a co-worker who used to be in my department but who is now part of the big department said she's getting harassed to give up my birth date so they can add me to the list. shit. really? just leave me the fuck alone people. i don't want to drink your kool aid and be part of that crap. fo sho.

office related forced socialization pisses me off. and i'm really a friendly person; with the people i want to be friendly to. forced friendliness makes me mad. now this person, who is insistent about wanting my name on the list, will be added to my own list. she's a douche to anyway; who sits on a giant yoga ball at work. take your crunchy ass home pollyanna. bleh.


broad minded said...

i feel your pain. do i know the crunchy ass?

Hotch Potchery said...

I am so glad you live in NC so I can pretend that I made ip crunchy ass. I really live to call people a douche, and douchecanoe adds flair. Bliends rock.

Hotch Potchery said...

Wow, that comment was ripe with typos! I blame the iPhone.

creative kerfuffle said...

broad--yes i think so. and honestly she is a perfectly fine person, vanilla, nice, bleah, but i was pissed when i posted that. she is a strange one though. yeah, i know, ME calling someone strange! ha

hotch--you can totally use crunchy ass, i'm sure i didn't make it up. i stole douchecanoe from sherendipity : ) what's a few typos or typoes between bliends?

Sherendipity said...

I took douchecanoe from someone else. It's a nice cycle.

I had estrogenfest 12/08 yesterday in the office where I told all the bitches that I work with to smarten up and get along, or I was canceling the Christmas party.
Office interaction, with people you don't like is lame. I don't know why we bother.

Astarte said...

I love that you yelled at people to get along!!!! HA! How ironic is that?! Too funny.

Our office used to do that, too, and I was almost always the one in charge of it. I never asked for people's birthdays, though - we just did the ones we knew and figured that those who didn't say anything didn't want to participate. To be honest, though, it was the bitchy, better-than-you people in the office who didn't take part, so I was glad not to have to do anything for them.

creative kerfuffle said...

shere--holy crap now were cycling together. great. the world very well may implode.

astarte--ooo, i wonder if all this time people thought I was the bitchy-better-than-you person?