Thursday, December 18, 2008


*****tuesday night (the night the hubs was out of town) the kids and i ran around trying to find all of the supplies they needed for holiday projects for this week. projects they informed me of just that day. nice. so we scrambled to find felt and glitter and buttons and sequins for the boy and gingerbread-house-making supplies for the girl. i hate running around to 3-4 different places on a week night.

*****wednesday morning the girl said the pain she had felt in her chest/abdomen the night before was still there and actually worse. it hurt to breath deep. it hurt to lay down. (the hubs is still out of town). i woke up feeling like i would hurl at the drop of a hat. nice way to start a day. so, i took the boy to school and off to the doc w/ the girl. we waited and waited. seems like everyone is sick this week. i was sure we'd have to go get xrays after the doc visit. i was ready for this to be a morning of running back and forth. i still felt like horking but it was easing up a bit. we finally got in to see the doc. after examining the girl and asking a few questions she gave her diagnosis. gas. yes, you heard me. the girl (who is gassy anyway dear lord) has a huge gas bubble in her stomach and gas can cause very sharp pains and be quite painful. prescription? no soda, gum, broccoli or beans for a few days and lay on your left side. huh.

so we trotted home; the girl laid on the couch watching tv all day, i did a brief amount of work (because though it is not obvious i am quite busy at the office this week) and then collapsed on the couch in a coma until the hubs got back from his trip. i woke up, but did not get up, briefly when he got home and then fell back into a coma.

****the girl went to school today (hoping she won't expel the gas while actually at school--though she's done this before too. yeah, she has no lady-like manners) and was in fact in a geography bee. i'm at work today and not feeling as horkish, but not feeling 100% yet.

****tomorrow night the kids are spending the night w/ my folks. my mom makes this big to-do around the holidays and asks all of the grand kids to spend the night and make cookies. whatev. that at least gives the hubs and i an actual kid-free night, which is a rare thing for us.


Spanx said...

I can see why the blog would not even register between the HUGE gas bubble and the horking....I'll have to pass the lay on your left side tidbit to Mr. Spanx who is not known for his flatulence etiquette.

Sherendipity said...

Gah. Hurry up and feel better. That's an order.
Here's a weird one: Lay on the floor in front of your couch/sofa on your back, put your legs up on the couch/sofa. It helps gas pains, believe it or not.
I learned that when I got "fixed" after I had Jordan. Apparently getting "fixed" causes gas bubbles to lodge in your shoulders (of all places) and that was a sure fire way to get rid of the discomfort.
I know, I looked at the hospital nurse like she was nuts when she told me, too, but it worked.

creative kerfuffle said...

spanx--always glad to be of medical help. the girl's ailments (such that they are) are good for something.

shere--yea, i should have remembered that--i got fixed after the boy too. just so you all are clear--it was THE GIRL who had the giant gas bubble, NOT me. : ) i'm too ladylike for that.

justsomethoughts... said...

all this talk of gas....
its only 1.47 a gallon. i could drive to friggin LA for the price it used to cost me to get to the city plus parking.

Astarte said...

I'm glad it was just gas. Thank heavens. If it had been anything else, at this time of year, yeowch.

Also, there is Maalox for children now. I had to give some to Josie once, and it did help her. I would not have known this had I not been trying to use it to try and help my so-called 'reflux' problems last year.

Hotch Potchery said...

mmm. A large gas bubble, I hope it doesn't come out during the geography bee.

What are you going to do on kids free night, considering I know what you do when the kids are home?

creative kerfuffle said...

just--yes, our prices in nc have come down as well.

astarte--good to know. i should stock up on the maalox for the girl.

hotch--i also hope it didn't pop during the bee. and for tomorrow? ; ) who knows? dinner? shopping? sex all over the house? porn on the big screen? one never knows.

broad minded said...

porn on the big screen might even be too much for me to handle. although that might be the only think that would make my husband interested in a big screen, he is so-anti guy in that way.

well i am no longer running a fever, and if you are no longer barf-o-rific then yeah! we are quite the pair.