Saturday, September 1, 2007

home, home on the range

omg this is like the first weekend (ok except for last weekend) that i've been home with nothing much to do for the weekend. it's going to be like so cool. (sorry for valley speak. even on just a sip of coffee i'm stoked about not having much of an agenda this weekend.)

so first off--TS may have to have her sweet nomenclature removed since she called me an evil frog killing beeotch : ) very funny. if you don't know what i'm talking about start reading the comments : )

it's like 9:30ish on a saturday morning. we're free until tuesday morning. we do have to go to my folks house for a cookout today, but heck, even that doesn't sound too bad to me right now.

the hubs didn't get home from his trip until about 9 last night---after getting up at like 5 a.m. needless to say he was wiped out. the kids went to bed at 10 and sometime thereafter i fell asleep on the couch because i woke up at 1am and the hubs was conked out in his recliner and i was on the couch.

i'm thinking of getting my hair cut. not really really short, but not just trimmed. when i got my passport picture taken this week it was awful. i mean i know passport pictures suck anyway, they're like driver's license pictures, it's a rule that you have to look like hell. i think this is because typically whenever you get stopped by police (or are traveling internationally) it is late at night/early morning and you've most likely been drinking/just got up. if you looked great in your passport picture they wouldn't recognize you. wow--sorry for that tangent.

i'm thinking of getting my hair cut, it's looking too long and just nasty like some washed out 80s rock star. i know the color needs done too, i just don't see having the time to get it done before my trips. i'll have to be skunk headed for another few weeks. why is hair such a pain in the ass? i wish we could just pick a color, push a button and that's the color it would be until we pushed the button again. i'm not trying to cover anything up--i mean i honestly don't think there's much, if any, gray under there. but i so do not look good as a brunette.

the hubs got his blood work back yesterday. much improved. all of his numbers (blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol) were improved but we still have to get the bad cholesterol lower and the good higher. yes, main life change that would help all across the board is to quit smoking. we've started talking about this again. i don't think i could even think about quitting until after my next two trips. then there's high point.

the last time i quit for an extended period of time (when i was pregnant w/ the boy) i did pretty well. no smoking the whole time i was knocked up, he was born in october and i didn't have my first smoke until that following april market. and hell, that was back when markets weren't even stressful to me, back when i worked with famous and crusty, ts had already left at that point.

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