Monday, September 24, 2007

hair twirling

you know, if hair twirling were a sport i'd so medal in it.

i don't know when i started twirling my hair, as a child maybe?, but i think i do it a lot more than i realize.

i'm sitting here working on like 3 different stupid work projects, listening to at full blast w/ my earphone in and twirling the hell out of my hair. i don't know why i do it. the hair is soft? it feels good between my fingers? nervous habit?

i remember when i was younger, much much younger, i used to twirl it then put it in my mouth (i'm talking like grade school age) and sometimes the ends of my hair would be wet. gross i know.

sometimes when the girl is sitting on my lap in the evenings i twirl her hair too : ) i like it when she twirls mine too. hell, when anyone twirls it or plays with it it feels good. then of course there's the slight pulling of hair, but that's a different post altogether ; )

who else has quirky little things like that?

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