Monday, September 3, 2007

do women really rule the world?

hmmm, i wonder. the hubs posed this question to me this weekend. are women really, ultimately in charge of everything?

for example:

my parents no longer have sex because my mom says so.

my bro is considering giving his dog to my parents because they're expecting a baby. now, he did display the biggest balls in bringing the dog home without asking first (something the hubs still is in awe of) but my SIL isn't really a dog person and this dog, though lazy, needs a lot of attention. so, he's considering giving it away.

he's not considering giving it away to the hubs because i say no more animals. c'mon, we have to agree four is enough right??? right??? two big dogs, an almost dead cat and a psycho cat? yes, that's enough.

so, do women wield all the power? and, if so, is it really just because of what we have between our legs? surely not.

it's monday. we're not at work. life is good : )


Anonymous said...

I think that women get "their" way sometimes, but it may take the man awhile to really understand her position and realize that she has valid points. You just have to be willing to wait for the right time to ask. SIL

creative kerfuffle said...

spoken like the diplomat you are! my SIL is the prime example of the tortoise and the hare story--slow and steady wins the race. she sits back, quietly, not rushing into things, not easily stirred up, but in the end she wins : ) she rocks!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed. I have a tendency to pick fights, not to choose my battles and patiently wait for them.

un-sweet TS