Monday, September 17, 2007

back home safe and sound

i got home around 8pm last night. even though this was a short trip i think emotionally it seemed longer. maybe it was because i was only home for two days and then gone again, but the kids barely let me get out of the car--they were hugging me like crazy. what a great feeling. i don't even think it was all about the gifts i brought, but i think they really missed me.

thankfully i don't go out of town again until january.

being in germany was pretty emotional actually. even though it wasn't the same city we lived in just being back there, 21 years later, was very thought provoking. the hubs and i have grown/changed a lot in those 21 years, but had i not moved there we never would have met, there wouldn't have been a girl and boy or an us. next month we'll be married 15 years. few people can actually say they married their first love, but i did.

in other news--my sister called tonight to thank me for lending her money. i think she could tell by the tone in my voice i wasn't too thrilled with her. i told her she needs to get her shit together. i've also decided that come tax time, when she gets that whomping tax return she gets every year because she's basically living off the government, i'm going to ask for my money back. maybe i'm cruel and heartless but the more i think about it the more pissed i get. maybe i should be of the mind that in the big scheme of things yes i could afford to give her that money but it's because we've busted our ass and worked hard and have struggled. she's never really had to struggle because when things go bad for her someone always picks up the pieces and she's never REALLY had to be responsible or fix things herself. i'm thinking we actually might have enabled her with giving her the money this time. it's not like she would have ended up on the street, she could move back in with my folks. not the best situation (i'd never do it) but at least she had an option.

the girl has gotten back together with her boyfriend from last year. basically this means they can say they're boyfriend and girlfriend. they see each other at lunch and that's about it. i'm not too worried yet. next year, when she's in middle school is when i think we'll start worrying more.

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