Wednesday, September 26, 2007


what do you to do escape?

reading has always been a huge escape for me. getting lost in other worlds.

in the last few months of travel i've gotten back into crossword puzzles as escapes. i'm one of those weird people who do them in pen. not out of any arrogance of being sure of my answers, but because in my aging process the pen is easier to read than the pencil. actually, i rarely finish a puzzle. if i do it's because i've cheated a little. i'm sure all of that says something psychologically about me but oh well.

bookworm, on yahoo games is another escape. yes, your brain has to work to spell (which i suck at) but it's busy putting words together instead of worrying about life. pre-bookworm (which big t introduced me to) i played text twist on yahoo games and before that it was spider solitaire and free cell. wow, now that i think about it i'm a computer game geek.

why couldn't i be one of those people who become productive as a means of escape. like cleaning or writing a novel or something?

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