Monday, September 24, 2007

Cultural references

The Hubs has been listening to some Chris Rock CDs and shared this tidbit with me. We didn't know what this was until he heard it mentioned on the CD.

Do you know what a tossed salad is? I'll wait while you follow the link. :::tapping fingers, looking around:::: Back? OK. So, did you know that? Did you know what it was to toss a salad? OK, so here is my question. Most references I get after I hear them, but this one, still I don't get. Where does the salad reference come in?

Speaking of cultural references--since I was out of the States from 83-86 I missed out on a few things. Obviously I don't know what I missed since I wasn't here, but from time to time references come up from that time frame that I'm clueless on. Fashion, TV shows, Movies, etc. The iconic 80s things. The one that sticks out in my mind is MTV.

I don't know when MTV started but I know it was while I was in Germany. One of our classmates came back to the states before the rest of us and she wrote to us about it and even sent us videos (our only connection to the "world" as we called it) of Duran Duran videos. We piled on the sofa at one of my friend's house and were enthralled. Obviously though we didn't get the full impact of MTV--all music videos all day (back when they still played videos).

My first MTV sighting was in the summer of 1986 when we came back to the States. We were visiting an aunt and uncle and I saw it for the first time. I remember Adam Curry was a VJ--lots of big hair. I was amazed. I was glued to the TV. It was incredible. Of course back then the videos were NOTHING like they have become, but wow, they were cool.

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