Wednesday, September 26, 2007

later in the effed up day

first, thanks for the smile sweet t : ) see comments where sweet t puts me in my place. yes, the world conspired to make me pissy today.

ok, so i didn't get my slab o' chocolate cake w/ hot fudge syrup but shortly i will find something to take the edge off the day.

meanwhile, i should bring you up to speed on the girl. the big 5th grader. so before school even started she mentioned the boyfriend from last year and how she might still like him. despite my slyly trying to steer her toward another boy for a few years, she has gone back to the boy from last year. for our purposes i will call him the shrimp (because he's shorter than her and i'm a bitch). during one of my last trips she and the shrimp got back together. how so you may ask? well, they were sitting together at lunch and started discussing (she brought it up, my forward daughter) how they still "had feelings" for each other. so they are now boyfriend and girlfriend again. ok, no problem.

night before last she said they are now talking (just talking not following through) about holding hands. they both think it might be a good idea, however they haven't done the deed. again, the girl brought it up, not him. however, today at lunch (still no hand holding) he asked her where she thought they would live if they got married. uh, hold the fucking phone shrimp! you can't commit to hand holding and you're talking marriage? the girl said she wanted to live in the mountains. i will correct that because that's too far away from me. then shrimp asked where they'd go on their honeymoon. damn, fast mover. the girl said germany and then spain. at least she has aspirations : ) i'm not sure how to feel about this at all. granted dating at this point is sitting together at lunch.

perhaps i'm old fashioned, it bothers me that she asked him to be her boyfriend and that she brought up the hand holding thing. stupid of me? i consider myself a liberated woman. i don't know. thoughts?

my brain hurts. too many responsibilities running through my head. why, why is it when things are starting to come together does something like a fucking transmission come along and screw it all up??????

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Anonymous said...

I think the shrimp could use some tutoring on conversation. Whatever happened to "What is your favorite food/color/tv show?" Also, aren't girls still more mature than boys at this age (at most ages)?