Wednesday, September 26, 2007


so, i'm job hunting on the web. been a LONG time since i've seriously done this. it's depressing. there's nothing in my field out there.

you know you're desperate when you start looking outside your field and things start looking good.

looking at marketing jobs--director of marketing (what is that exactly?) for--get this, here's the irony---a baseball magazine. LOL

here's one: inserter. yes, it's an actual job listing. i know how to insert stuff. wonder how much that pays?

and another--copywriter for the billy graham evangelistic association (no, i didn't make that up)

oh god, this one's better: associate editor for Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics! i think i'm going to pee my pants! sweet mother of pearl.

ok, now i'm thinking too far outside the box because i'm thinking people writing these job descriptions need some inside information about what to really put in there.

what the hell does this even mean? Contributing to the business/site efforts of the business operations/initiatives. that's one of the job requirements. huh?

here's what a job description needs:
requirements: x yrs of school/experience; know how to use xyz software; x yrs. experience in specific field (if you're a company unwilling to think outside your safety zone), x is how much we're willing to pay (though if you're good we'll give you more)
job: you will travel x amount of days; you will be expected to do x,y,z and abcd.

is it really that hard to write a clear cut job description? you're trying to hire someone not sell them your company. people want to know what they'll be doing every day they don't give a flip about who they're doing it for. that sounds callous, not what i mean. i mean i went to school to be a writer, i don't care who i do it for. (and yes, THIS particular entry is REALLY showing off my abilities as a writer! LOL)

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