Tuesday, September 4, 2007

odds and ends

the boy lost one of his top front teeth last night. the thing had been hanging by a thread for about a week. he looks so cute toothless! he left a note for the tooth fairy and asked her to sign her name. she did---tooth fairy. this morning he asked if she was real. i said she was if he believed in her. he's seven--do we tell him it's all a lie? last summer the girl finally came right out and asked the hard question about santa and the easter bunny and tooth fairy and we told her the truth. what a dilemma.

i'm digging my crayons, however i've discovered that more is not always better. they throw in some colors that don't really work. i mean they're too light to show up very well. i think they need my coloring expertise. i swear some day i'm also going to design coloring books because there is such a lack of good coloring books. throwing in mazes and word finds and connect the dots in a book is not a coloring book.

i have two days in the office this week, then off to vegas; two in the office next week (actually i think i'm going to just work one) and then off to germany. it's supposed to be in the 60s there. i wish the hubs was going with me--back to where we began. i never imagined going back there first alone. i always assumed that one day we'd go back together.

i have to give a shout out to big t who went to michigan this weekend to see her beloved appy trounce michigan. : ) i talked to her sunday and she was so horse i could barely hear her! the thundering herd lost saturday. oh well--it's not like i was even into football when i was there let alone now. sports just do not hold any interest for me whatsoever.

i'm back on van again. hadn't really listened to him for a month or so but man he makes me feel good.

....switch on your electric light so we can get down to what is really wrong...i long just to hold you tight, so baby i can feel you. sweet lady of the night, i shall reveal you. turn it up, turn it up a little bit higher, radio...turn it up that's enough so you know it's got soul. la la la la la la lalalallal

what a way to start your day. enjoy. embrace. embark.

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