Sunday, September 23, 2007

After the silence

Ok, so I'm sure I will not be the first person to make that sad joke today, poor Marcel. Though he did live to be 84 which isn't chump change.

Sunday morning, almost 10:30 a.m. The kids are still at mom's; they spent the night there because we went out for Donut's bday last night.

I don't know if the Hubs has noticed this or not, but I thought of it last night. This is a little TMI so skip to the next graf if you're easily offended. I don't think we do this on purpose (at least I don't because I never really thought about it before) but anytime before we either go out with a group of people or have people over, we have sex. Is that odd? It's like we're "staking our claim" I guess. Odd, I'd never thought about that until now. Does anyone else do that?

We had fun last night. No, I didn't get trashed, I was the DD; but the Hubs drank a fishbowl of something called an Orgasm : ) Literally it was served in a plastic fishbowl. I had a good time despite not getting drunk, and actually I never really even got a buzz. This enabled me to people watch more closely.

One of the other couples out included one of my co-workers and though we've been around them before, last night (perhaps because I was sober) was interesting. I know I have my insecurities (lord do I) but I don't think the Hubs is one of them. My co-worker has insecurities about her husband. She clung to him all night, not like, God, you're so hot I can't stand not touching you for one minute, let's go home and screw, but more like, yes, he's mine and if any of you bitches get anywhere near him I'll jack you up. He, on the other hand, was definitely scoping out the place. I like this guy, but he makes me nervous for some reason. He is certainly more mature than his wife.

We went to another bar, one that played 80s music and it had a tiny dance floor. The Hubs was buzzing along nicely I think, though not trashed (despite the fishbowl, a few beers and a few shots). He was itching to dirty dance (which I'm not a huge fan of) and after getting his grove on with me sitting on my bar stool he danced to Pour Some Sugar on Me (his ultimate dirty dancing song) with this lithe young black girl who'd also been dancing earlier. I wish you could have seen it, we took pics, but my God it was awesome.

I think Donut had a good time too, though lord that girl can drink! I've seen her drink and drank with her before, but it still impresses me that she doesn't lose her shit like I do. I think Ninja (her Hubs) was getting worried. While of course nobody likes to hurl, Donut has real issues with it, like can't be around it, can't hear it, doesn't do it, can't talk about it issues. If she didn't hurl last night I'll be surprised.

Today is going to be catch up day---chores, grocery, etc. I'm ready to get the house/life back in order.

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