Friday, August 31, 2007

hoppy friday

friday morning at my house. the hubs is out of town (coming home today) and the kids and i are running around getting ready for the day. they go outside to feed and water the dogs, or so i thought. i walk through the den after getting my cup of coffee and they're standing on the pool ladder fishing something out.

goggles. they want their goggles because they're swimming at daycare after school today. ok.

me: you two need to hurry up and finish getting ready.

the boy goes over to the dogs' water bowl; the girl has fed them.

the boy: ahhh!!!!
me: what?
the boy: there's a toad in their water.
me: ok, dump the water out. (i have on my new slippers and don't want to walk across the wet grass).
the boy: there's a toad in there, i don't want to touch it!
the girl: let me see!
me: boy, just dump the water out and he'll hop away.
the boy: i don't want to be near a wild animal.

the girl dumps the water out, the boy fills the bowl and i go inside to get in the shower. so i'm in the shower, shaving my legs.

the boy: (standing outside the shower) mom, what container can we put the frog in?
me: can you wait until i'm out of the shower i can't hear you.
the boy: the girl wants to take the frog to our science teacher.
me: no, just let it go.
he stomps out.
i get out, and am getting ready, then the attitudes come.

the boy: we can't leave it in the backyard the dogs will eat it.
me: ok, then put him out front.
the boy: how are we going to move him?
me: pick him up and carry him out front.

apparently the girl did this since the boy is afraid of "wild animals."

i walk back to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee. i check the back yard, the kids aren't there. i look out front. they're sitting on the sidewalk by my flower bed (oh, it's 10 til 8 btw, not that we need to BE anywhere like school or anything).

me: uh, you two need to finish getting ready we're going to be late.
the girl: yeah, well the frog's going to die out here since you won't let me take him to my science teacher.
me: no he won't.
the girl: there's nothing for him to eat here.
me: uh, bugs are in the front yard just like the back.
the girl: he'll get run over.
me: no, he has plenty of room to hop around out here.
the girl: he needs water.
me: he'll find water, that's what frogs do.

so this back and forth from both of them lasted all the way to school. i'm evil because i don't like frogs. he's going to die because he'll jump in the road. i tried to explain that if he went to school and was let go in the woods he could get eaten by a snake and there's also a road, a much busier road in front of the school. no matter, i've condemned this poor frog to death because he's in our front yard instead of at school.

the girl: so, when he gets squashed in the road will he go to frog heaven?
me: yep.
the boy: well, i guess at least we'll get to see him when we die.
the girl: oh, and i'm not going swimming at daycare today since i can't save any frogs.
me: ok, then i guess you won't want to get in the pool this weekend either huh?
the girl: well i guess i'll swim.
me: no, don't change your mind on my account, i don't care if you go swimming or not.
the boy: yeah, you don't care about anything but the dogs and cats.

so they got out of the car, blew off my i love yous and have a nice days and the attitudes were still alive and kicking.

though these mornings are amusing to look back on, they're really frustrating when you're in the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Evil, frog-hating bee-och. :)