Friday, September 21, 2007


omg i'm so happy it's friday!
incredibly busy at work but needed to give me brain a rest from proofing.

here are random things from this week.

first--shout out to my girl donut--do you remember, the 21st day of september--happy birthday soul sister!

it's been a quiet week in the office, both donut and big t are traveling : (

on the home front--the girl got her first zit so we had to buy some acne face wash : )

the boy got a hair cut before picture day and told the stylist to be careful because the girls like his hair and he didn't want to lose his mojo.

i got to have lunch, finally, with sweet t, famous and sneal. always a treat to hang with them. they were my friends before the boy was even born--hard to believe it's been that long. sniff sniff. famous brought a long one of the crazy emails we shared from like 2002. we must have had a lot of free time then. we wrote an email book of poo, created 'scrapbooks' for each other from stock photo books, etc. good times, good times. i think the best was the photo album we made for sweet t about a 'faux' boyfriend. ; )

i also got to have lunch with the hubs this week, which we rarely get to do. he's had a suck ass work week, up early, putting up with bs, etc. but i have to say, he totally rocks my world : )

i'm missing my sil, bro and nephew though. we're hoping to get together next weekend. i'm getting excited about baby stuff! i want to find out NOW what she's having so we can narrow down the shopping ideas : )

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