Monday, September 10, 2007

miss me?

i'm exhausted. it's my last night, thank god!, in vegas. this show has kicked my ass big time. it's weird in a way because it's been good and bad. this is our biggest show of the year and my second time around. the first time was fine but this time, now that i've been at it about a year and a half, many more people know me. it's good in the sense that that's what is expected of me but bad in the fact that everyone wants to talk to me and it really slows me down. now it's so much more about schmoozing people than anything else.

i need to get to bed since i have to leave for the airport at 5:30 am and we all know how much i LOVE mornings, but it's been so long since i blogged i was feeling like i've neglected it.

i got to see the fountain at the bellagio tonight--the only thing good about this place as far as i'm concerned. i lost a pair of earrings today. when i got back to the hotel one fell off into the toilet (i threw it away) and that's when i noticed the other was missing. don't know how or when. fortunately they weren't anything special, but i did laugh when the one fell in the toilet.

i also woke up this morning with a ginormous bruise on my hip. i have no idea where it came from. it didn't hurt until this evening and then it really started hurting. i think once things settle down i'm going to go to the doctor. this is the second time this has happened and part of my brain thinks something is wrong. this spring when i got poison ivy i got a shot in the hip to clear it up. since then i've had strange pains and soreness there, sometimes it wakes me up in the middle of the night when i roll over on it. of course that hypochondriac pessimistic part of me thinks i have some sort of cancer. then there's the whole eye issue that still plagues me. i have another eye appt. tues. morning. maybe the hip cancer has spread to my eyes : ) i know, totally stupid but fuck what's wrong w/ me???

i sort of got a job offer to move to arizona and help a friend with her stores in a few years. of course the hubs is all for it since he's lived there before but damn that's far away. and hot. no seasons, don't think i could live like that.

i also got invited to romania to visit a factory.

people have told me don't be surprised if i get snubbed next week when i'm in cologne because they don't really care about u.s. press. makes sense i guess--not much i can do for them. so i guess if that happens it will balance out my time at this show where it seems i've become somewhat sought after.

the hubs has totally held the fort down once again.

one thing about my SIL being pregnant and the thought of a new baby in the family--it's made me look at all of this product through different eyes. so many cute things i'd love to buy!

so i'll be home for two days, then off to cologne. i think i might need to take off one of those days just to pull myself together for the trip. this should be my last one until january.

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