Saturday, September 29, 2007

10:30 saturday morning

sleeping in late is one of my favorite things in the world. i did wake up earlier today around 7:30, the girl was already up and watching tv. this time when i got up there were web kinz (stuffed animals) all over the living room, the boy was growling about something and the den was a mess. i still love sleeping in late.

my mom is taking the kids to the park today. had anyone else written that it would be perfectly normal, grandma's do that right? not my mom. it's bizarre. she (and my sister and her kids of course, they can't do anything without each other) is picking up my nephew and then picking up my kids and taking them to a park for a picnic. the girl (oldest grandchild) is 10, this has NEVER happened before.

later today we're going to the BRO and SIL. i think it's been a month or more since we've seen them.

car update---my transmission can't be fixed, i need a new one (but of course). it will cost more (but of course) and i'll get it back hopefully tuesday.

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