Thursday, September 13, 2007

i'm a geek

if i've written about this before suck it up because this is hella cool. i'm sitting in the airport (yes, i have a 4-5 hour delay before i leave for frankfurt) working on a laptop. it's literally like i'm on my computer at work and i just printed something on the work printer. how fucking cool is that?

i really do have in mind that i'll finish up some stories this afternoon but not right this minute. plus, to have a smoke i have to go back out through security so that's not convenient.

i just talked to the hubs a little bit ago--there is extended family drama going on. i'm so pissed i could scream. so my sister calls my brother with her sob story. the doctors recently changed her bi-polar meds, futzing with the levels or whatever. so she's been depressed and exhibiting other bi-polar episodes like losing your fucking mind (sorry, fucking will probably come out a few times here) and spending your pay check on crap instead of your car insurance or rent. so she needs money. my grandma has shelled out all she's going to i assume; my folks are probably a hair's breath away from eating cat food themselves, so it looks like it's up to the bro and i to help. i should make it clear that the SIL, hubs and I are not really on this happy helping bandwagon, though it probably is the right thing to do.

i know i sound harsh and uncaring but dammit. yes, she has had her shit together for more than a year now, but we've been down this road before. i should have known something was coming with her because word is out that the bro and SIL are expecting again. typically my sister falls into a crisis or has an episode when something big is happening to someone else. it doesn't help matters that one of our cousins (who is my sister's age) is married (even though he is a total loser) and expecting her first kid (huge mistake--that's two people who should not procreate, they can't even take care of themselves!). so we're going in half with my bro and SIL and paying her car insurance, my bro is actually going to the insurance office to pay it, not just give her the cash. this pisses me off because one, they're getting ready to have a baby and obviously will be needing their funds; two, we are finally seeing light at the end of our tunnel of debt and that money was earmarked for a bill. my sister gets reduced (basically non-existent) daycare, free medical and now we're bailing her ass out. i'm going to hell for sure for not being a more giving person. the thing is, if it were my bro i wouldn't bat an eye about it.

i'm getting worked up, might have to go back out through security to have a smoke.

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Anonymous said...

After having to bail an ex-boyfriend out financially, time after time, I can totally relate to your feelings. I don't think you're going to hell, you're just really frustrated with someone who is perfectly able to take care of themselves, but who knows someone else will do it if they don't want to be responsible. It's not right that us dependable people get punished for the lack of maturity in others. Right or wrong, I have a hard time having much sympathy for someone with an addiction (XBF) or a disease like bi-polar disease, because I can't personally relate to it. I want to tell them to just do this or that, and things will be okay. Not always the case, I know, but that's my perspective, which makes it more frustrating for me to watch them not take care of themselves.

Okay, off my soapbox. :)

Sweet T