Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday evening in Cologne

i walked around and in the cathedral, it's incredible.

it's hard to believe this is actually where people go to church. simply beautiful. i also walked around the marketplatz. it's just like nurnberg (probably like most european cities actually) the church is surrounded by the shops/life of the town because that's where people used to congregate.
i bought a few things, but not the cuckoo clock we wanted, too expensive. didn't really have the money to buy a lot though. next time!
met up w/ the show guy and a group of about 30 american vendors to go to this show hosted party. it was on the fair grounds and the venue was right on the rhine river. beautiful. it was a buffet dinner on this huge outdoor patio. very nice.
i walked back w/ a vendor and her 75 year old mother. we walked on the footpath on the bridge across the rhine and came out right near the cathedral. it was just amazing.
i figured out the train schedule and need to be there at 8:30 in the morning to get to frankfurt at 9:30. my flight leaves around noon i think.
i imed w/ the family earlier. they're ready for me to come home : ) i'm ready to be home. however, this day has made me realize that although the hubs and i have talked nonchalantly about coming back, we definetely have to now. i want to save the money to come back and buy things we want but also to visit different places, sit at the outdoor cafes drinking beer and people watching, soaking it all in.

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