Wednesday, September 26, 2007


(first of all if you're reading this be warned---there are like 4 or 5 posts today) some of you are slacking off on your reading--catch up.

ok, i just had an epiphany. i think one reason the hubs and i have such a good relationship is that we were friends before we started dating. we started liking each other first not as boy and girl but as friends. then when we started dating we dated a long time. we really got to know each other. i'm not saying you can't meet someone and fall in love at first site and not have a good relationship but i wonder if those last as long as people who start out as friends.

sort of like the "getting to know you intimacy" comes before the physical intimacy clouds your judgement.


Anonymous said...

Hadn't thought about that lately. I think all of my relationships have either jumped right in to the physical, or have started as friends with interest in something more, not just friends. Now I'm getting depressed.

Sad T

creative kerfuffle said...

Sad T, don't get depressed! Relationships are different for everyone and God knows mine is anything but normal : ) How could it be considering how abnormal the hubs and I are? ; )