Tuesday, October 2, 2007

to market to market

how do people stay excited about trade shows? how do they not get burnt out? from the sellers point of view ok i get it, they see dollar signs. from the buyers point of view i sort of get it, they need something new to sell. but from my point of view i'm over them. it's the same stuff pretty much, year after year.

what has amazed me this go around is the people i've run into from my former job who are still aglow with something i wrote about them like 3-4 years ago. they tell me how wonderful it is every time they see me. in a way it makes me feel good, but then it's like, uh, ok, that's like 4 years old now. it wasn't THAT great.

one woman today, who i see several times a year and she's always so complimentary and nice was asking about my family. when i told her my oldest was 10 she just sort of looked at me like, really? 10. i told her i was 39 and she couldn't believe it. not like those fake, no really you aren't that old, but she really could not believe i was 39. she said i had great skin. (perhaps she didn't look closely enough at the HUGE zit donut wished on me that's finally starting to go away.)

i don't normally have a zit problem, even during this time of the month, but damned if i didn't get the hugest one ever. donut said she wished it on me since i don't normally have them. thanks friend ; )

so i'm really tired lately. like falling asleep on the couch in the evenings tired. like today at 1:30 i couldn't believe i had about 4 more hours of work left tired. something my eye doctor (don't even ask about the fucking contacts, i think i'm going to give in and just wear glasses 24/7) said has stuck in the back of my mind. when he diagnosed my cataracts he asked if i had thyroid problems. not to my knowledge, but i don't know that i've ever had a test for it. he said one of the symptoms is being tired a lot. so of course in my fucked up head i think i have a thyroid problem. i think it's time for a yearly check up anyway soon so i'm going to have that checked.

maybe it's just the summer/work/travel catching up to me? i don't know. it really kicked my ass.

so, about seven voyeurs were reading today : ) i hope you enjoyed yourselves.

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Anonymous said...

Have your thyroid checked out, now. They can do this comprehensive blood test (www.lipoprofile.com) that checks everything from blood sugar to cholesterol to thyroid. I was having my cholesterol checked, and by having that screen, found out my thyroid is underproductive. I've been on meds for a little over a year now, and will be forever, I think. But, it can help with anything from fatigue to metabolism, if it's hypothyroid. Not a big deal, and worth knowing about. It can wreak havoc on your system if left unchecked.

Sweet Hypothyroid-ic T