Monday, July 14, 2008

my music, part II

ok, you are going to be so bored by the time i'm done w/ this. i've just started going through my cds to start my list of fave overall albums. i decided to add another category: music you might be surprised i have and like : ) he he he

uncle kracker--because i love the song follow me

norah jones--come away with me. this girl has the most incredible voice. she's my nod to jazz which i want to love but don't.

anne murray--what a wonderful world, 26 inspirational classics. what can i say? everyone needs a little spiritual uplifting once in awhile right?

chant--the benedictine monks of santo domingo de silos. ok, i haven't listened to this in probably 15 yrs, but chanting is cool : )

vangelis--this is the guy that did the theme to chariots of fire and blad runner. it's instrumental and haunting. the first time i heard him was in college and i'd driven (by myself) to easton, pa. to visit an aunt and uncle. we spent the day in new hope, it was the coolest little town, in one of the shops they were playing vangelis and i loved it. i drove back the next day and bought the cassette, which was stolen about 6 yrs ago. i've never been able to find the exact same one, but still, his music is cool.

the soundtrack to the rocky horror picture show--ok, this is really the hubs, but every once in awhile it's worth a listen : ) a little pelvic thrust.

classic sinatra--because yes, i too have a rat pack side and in some moods enjoy that type of music--i've got you, under my skin (i think i started liking this after i saw that mel gibson movie when he can read women's minds? they played a lot of this type of music in that)

nena--99 luftballoons. i get this one by default because we were in high school in germany in the 80s when she was big. the cd i have has songs in english and german. i love it, despite the fact that i don't know the german words : )

crash test dummies---you know that song, mmm mmm mmm mmm. love that guy's deep voice and on this cd i love god shuffled his feet, afternoons & coffeespoons, the mmm mmm song and swimming in your ocean.

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Astarte said...

I really liked the Crash Test Dummies cd a lot. I remember listening to it with my college boyfriend over and over. I think, though, if I remember right, that they were pretty much drunk all the time, both on tour (I had friends who saw them) and off. Guess they never managed to pull it together for another cd?