Monday, July 14, 2008

speeding and my sister

thursday morning on my way to drop the kids off at daycare and head to the airport i got pulled over.

we live outside the city limits and frequently drive these little back roads where you're not always sure what the speed limit is but you just sort of go w/ the traffic right? so i'm on the road near our local convenience store and see a cop car. i thought nothing of it. i made my turn and a few minutes later i see the cop car behind me and his lights are flashing. i assumed he was chasing someone in front of me so i pulled over. needless to say i was quite surprised when he pulled up behind me and made his way to the car.

the last speeding ticket i got was almost 9 years ago when i was about 9 months pregnant w/ the boy and i was on my way to work. my kids have never been in a car that's been pulled over. the boy was totally rubber necking around to look at the cop car.

so the officer comes up and tells me my kids aren't wearing their seat belts. huh? we don't leave the driveway w/out them being buckled up. granted, neither are in booster seats any longer, but they're above the age/weight requirements for that. i turned at looked and the girl was as she should be and the boy had not taken his belt off but he did have the shoulder strap behind him and was sitting turned around to look at the cop's lights.

i told the officer this. he then told me that i was speeding. the road i had been on was 35 and i was doing 47. didn't you see me sitting on the side of the road? he asked. uh, yeah (like i was supposed to intuit that meant something??) and you came to a rolling stop at the stop sign. so he took all my info and went back to his car for like 20 minutes. hello, i have to catch a fucking plane dude.

he gave me a warning on the boy's seat belt (uh, cos he was buckled in douche bag) and told the boy about proper seat belt safety. the boy was crying while the cop was in his squad car, assuming this was all his fault. then the cop gave me a fucking ticket for the other two things. nice.

and on the sister news? she's such a....twit? dumb ass? i don't know what to call her. she sent us all (meaning me, my sil my mom and the hubs) an email today telling us that she is dating someone. that they've been talking for a year but that now it's getting serious and he's good w/ the kids, yada yada yada. is it coincidence that she sent this out the week my brother is out of the country? i wonder : ) anyway, what do i say to that? uh, yea, good for you? i don't really care one way or the other. i think it's odd that after a year of talking/dating/whatever that she's telling us now. it's not like we never see her or that she doesn't call or email us for the most trivial things. she had to throw his nationality in there too, like i give a shit, but added that he's not like the others she's had children with dated. the hubs said she's told us this now either because the next shoe to drop will be that she's pregnant again or that she's getting married. i hope if a shoe is dropping that it's the married shoe.

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