Friday, July 4, 2008

a full thursday

the hubs made it to florida wednesday night and so far he's pretty certain his brother is in bad shape. i don't even know where to begin w/ what's wrong w/ him. basically, from what we can piece together all of his problems stem from uncontrolled diabetes. his kidneys are shutting down, he's had his gallbladder removed, there are stomach issues and on and on. right now the drs are playing w/ his meds. (i am becoming increasingly astounded at just how much doctors DON'T know or can't fix lately, but that's another post altogether). since the hubs has been in florida it seems they decided to put him to work w/ a honey-do-list of things they can't do or haven't done. while he's busy with these things his sister and her kid are going for walks on the beach and taking naps. yep, she was REALLY concerned about visiting w/ her sick brother. meanwhile in oklahoma the FIL is out of the hospital but they're still running tests, adjusting his meds as well, something kidney related there too-though he doesn't have diabetes.

yesterday was one helluva day for me i must say. before noon it was just work. i'm trying desperately to adjust to my new pod but it's just so weird.

our offices closed at noon, i got out of there at noon-thirty. i toyed w/ the idea of going home and mowing/cleaning and also w/ the idea of picking the kids up early from daycare but the girl was on a field trip and wouldn't be back until around 4. so i went shopping.

we have these stores called ross dress for less. i don't know how nationwide they are but they're like name brand stuff at closeout prices but not nasty like big lots. i like going there when i'm alone and have time to hunt, because you really do have to hunt for stuff. i got two new bras (i wish i could design bras cos i don't know what people are smoking who design them now) and two outfits for work.

when i got back to my car--flat tire. nice. being the girl that i am i called my brother. couldn't reach him, called my sil to find out where he was. called him again and left a msg and then decided, fuck it, surely i can change a tire. (go ahead, you can laugh now). i got the donut out of the trunk--why the hell are they so small? that just doesn't make me feel safe/good at all. i put the jack under the car and started at it. a couple was walking by and the man stopped and helped me. thank goodness cos i had the jack on upside down : ) so cliche but i had to have a guy change my tire. i watched closely though and i think now i could do it.

drove to the place we get our car stuff done. it was 3:30. they said they could patch it but i'd have to wait. i said as long as i was out of there by 5:30 (to pick up the kids) i was ok. so i sat and waited. car places need to get a clue. they need more magazines than car and driver and golf in their waiting areas. oh, there was a bhg but it was like two years old. i finished a crossword someone started in yesterday's newspaper and at 5 they said, uh, yeah, we can't patch it, we found another slit on the side too. nice. i just lost and hour and a half of my time. no time then to have new tires put on (two, cos the hubs said you can't just do one).

so i picked up the kids, came home and then had an argument with a friend and she hung up on me. actually i'm still reeling from it and won't go into the details but i'm stunned. i've hinted in a few recent posts about my inability to confront people when something bothers me and this is exactly why. confrontation with friends is never a good thing. i got off the phone shaky and bawling.

after that i mowed the grass, that calmed me down some.

then a milestone for the girl. i taught her to shave her legs. : ) she's 11 and is blond and like me, not very hirsute (how often do you get to use THAT spelling word from high school?) but she insisted her legs were horribly hairy and needed shaving. she's been at this begging since last year. before we started i warned her, there was no going back. once she started she'd have to do this for the rest of her life. yeah, much like anyone younger that you try to share your wisdom w/, she didn't care. so she shaved. i even splurged and bought her shaving cream (i just use soap). and, like the dweeb i am, i took pictures of her shaving for the first time : )

so that was my relatively craptastic thursday. today is better. i will post later tonight most likely, when i still have the thrill and thunder of fireworks coursing through my body. fireworks are one of my favorite things in the world.


{sue} said...

I'm glad Friday was better! That is a stinky day. I am the queen of the flat tire - mostly because I drive over curbs all the time, and I STILL cannot change my own tire. (me = wimp)

I also stink at confrontation and obsess over and dwell on arguments forever.

Hope your weeked is good! (It's got to keep getting better, right?)

Kristin.... said...

Argh. Damn flat tires. I too cannot change them. That is what I pay AAA for. :)

Confrontation with friends sucks. Email if you want to chat. I am the queen of arguing in my mind.