Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a stolen meme

i stole this from kristin : )
enjoy (oh, btw--be prepared for much posting over the next few days cos the hubs is out of town and this is one of the ways i amuse myself when he's gone--that is when the kids are not driving me bat shit)

1) Where were you 10 years ago? a decade ago the girl was a year and a half and the boy wasn't yet a glimmer in our eyes. we were living in the trailer (yes, we lived in a trailer) and i think i was working in another job i hated--marketing. hmmm, perhaps i just hate working?

2) Five items on my to-do list today? well, it's almost 10pm so i'll give a list of things that were on my list to do. call the nurse to find out if this numbness i'm still feeling in my pie hole is normal (pretty much); visit donut/ninja and meet munchkin (too cute); laundry (uh, no, i haven't done any yet. i hate laundry) formulate a game plan for july 4th (family's coming here to swim and then go watch the fireworks--i heart fireworks)take the kids to tarjay so they can spend the allowance they don't really earn (done)

3) Snacks I enjoy? mmmm, well, when i'm able to eat something other than stuff you don't have to chew i like the following: ice cream, nuts (all nuts, i love nuts), edamame, gouda on crackers

4) What would you do if you were a billionaire? the hubs and i live out this fantasy on a regular basis. obviously paying off the bills, setting aside money for two college educations and some other money for the ungrateful children are tops on the list. then there are dreams of a farm and land (not like a working farm, a scenic, storybook farm...with horses to ride) and designing and building our own house (which we've done a million different ways in our minds) and having a beach and mountain house and traveling. i'd buy art i love and i'd buy the bro/sil their dream home and i say we'd help out my folks etc. but the hubs says no : ) maybe we'd have a christmas tree farm too.

5) Where would I live? i really don't know the answer to this one. we've lived in nc longer than either of us has ever lived in one place, but i'm not opposed to living elsewhere. i have fantasies of new england but the hubs would never live somewhere with that much snow. i have to have SOME semblance of spring and winter so i couldn't live further south than i am i guess. i also wouldn't mind living abroad for awhile, though not forever.


broad minded said...

1) 10 years ago? i hadn't met the hubs yet! and i had just graduated from with my illustrious mfa. i was looking for a job, even thinking of moving to boston and getting viciously dumped by what turned out to be a skeevy boy i picked up in new orleans. nuff said.

2) today i need to enter ten of my coke reward codes that a friend gave me. i need to watch the redbox movie i rented, waitress, so i can return it and not get charged for another day. i have a meeting at 2. i have to meet a friend for lunch and finally i have to make a couple of follow up freelance phone calls. action packed baby.

3) snacks? crunch n munch, chips and salsa, cookies.

4) we were just talking about this the other night. first thing i would pay off all our debt, then decide if we were going to add on to the house or move. put some aside for the brilliant spawn's education and try to figure out a way to hide the money from the family so i didn't have to give the idiot brother any.

5) i know the husband would love to live at the beach, specifically ocracoke. and i would like that too. but if for some reason it was just me? i would like to try and live in london for awhile. then i would like to switch between some idyllic new england village and a big city - probably either chicago or boston.

Kristin.... said...

hey, cool you did this. stealing totally appropriate!

come on, move to New England. If you live in southern New England (you know, RI, CT) the snow isn't as bad. I live in the north country, where it's supposed to snow.

creative kerfuffle said...

broad--weird to think of you and your hubs NOT together : ) i too fantasize about living abroad and in a big city, but only briefly. plus, like you it would have to be alone cos i don't think the hubs would go for it. he'd be living w/ yours at the beach! LOL
kristin--i think the hubs would divorce me if we moved to new england. seriously, we get MAYBE (if we're lucky) one snow a yr in NC and that's too much for him. he'd move back to arizona if given half the chance and that's just not enough seasons for me.