Saturday, July 5, 2008

happy 4th

my friend broad wrote an awesome post about july 4th, and in comparison mine is not so awesome : )

yesterday, after we got the tires put on the car and ran some errands we had family over for the 4th to swim and hang out. my bro/sil/puddin and gameboy came over first (cos i told my mom and sister not to be here before 2:30 thank you very much). i can't believe how much puddin has grown since the last time i saw her a couple of weeks ago. she's rolling to her side now, not quite all the way over, but almost. she sported her animal-print bathing suit but firmly screamed that the water was too cool for her : ) a little later my mom, sister and her kids showed up.

we ordered pizza (not the traditional hotdogs/burger 4th fare, but it was easier) and before going to watch the fireworks we put off some of our own.

years ago, when the girl wasn't even a year old, we did this at my parents once. my sister kept saying we used to do this all the time, but uh, my brother and i do not remember this.

after our fireworks we went to see the town fireworks. we parked in this nearby field, which we've done before, but this time there was a family there saying it was a private field and they were begrudgingly letting some people park there. of course as cars saw other cars parked there more and more came. the family was being quite snotty and rude about the whole thing. they should have posted signs or something. anyway, we stayed there, waiting for the fireworks. right when the first firework was launched, it started drizzling rain. since the forecast was for a higher chance of rain today they didn't postpone it, but rather shot of the whole load like a teenage boy having sex for the first time. it was fast.

afterwards the kids said the fireworks we did at the house were better. i'm going to start scouting out the landscape so next year we can find the perfect spot to watch the town fireworks where we're close enough to feel them. that is what i love about fireworks, feeling the boom and sparkle so close that it feels like it's running through your blood.

meanwhile, in florida, the hubs watched fireworks on the beach. i know he wanted us there, but i'm so excited he got to see them that way. he LOVES the beach. i can only imagine how incredible that must have been. most likely the best part of his trip.

he says it's humid there and there are lots of lizards (or baby dinosaurs as my friend big t calls them). he's on his way home now though and should be here around 8 tonight. we've saved some fireworks to put off when he gets here and he's buying some on his way home : )


Kristin.... said...

Wow. Fireworks, except for town/city shows, are ILLegal here in Maine. Quite highly illegal.

Glad your day was good. I haven't quite recovered from our long day yet, so I'll post, maybe tomorrow night. Sometimes having so many kids is so incredibly tiring.

broad minded said...

thanks for the shout out!