Wednesday, July 2, 2008

shiny happy me

ok, perhaps that's a bit far-fetched really, but i'm trying here folks.

i know you will be totally surprised but guess what? this is going to be a random bit of info cos that's just how life is in shiney happyville.

* we have a local-near-the-house convenience store we frequent. as in we shop there probably 4-5 times a week for gas, cigs, snacks. the hubs stops at least once a week to get the kids a treat after he picks them up from daycare. the manager there regularly poses trivia questions to the kids and when they come in w/ the right answer they get a donut. i think that's kind of neat.

* i've come to realize that i'm loathe to throw away a tube of mascara even when i know damn good and well i'm not getting one more itsy bitsy smear of stuff out of the tube. what's up with that?

* i am officially moved into the pod-from-hell though i'm still not unpacked because i don't really know how i'll work in the space. the man that sits directly in front of me could be my new bff. he's quite funny (older, like in his 60s i'd guess). today he told me it's not so bad where we sit because we have pot parties at 4:20. 4:20 came and went. he lied. but still, funny.

* the hubs and his sister (and her son) left for florida this morning. we didn't know the son was coming until she was halfway here and the hubs talked to her on the phone. who does that? who you may ask? the same woman that come to visit last summer with her dog (that we didn't know about until she got here) and bought another dog while she was here. yes her. while the hubs is in florida trying to discover just how serious the brother-in-law's situation is i hope he does not a)kill his sister who thinks she's a doctor because she works in a nursing home; b)kill his 15-16 yr old emo nephew who's been arrested 2-3 times and came out of the bi-closet on his myspace page (where he stupidly lists his phone number, high school and other info that's such an online no-no) or c)kill the florida sister-in-law who (i shit you not) could be jay leno's twin sister. she's mouthy and talks bad about the family and the hubs is totally on the verge of ripping someone a new asshole just now anyway.

* my dear sweet friend big t does not have to have surgery on her elbow (hooray) though i admit i'm simply blown away that such a massive unclean break is going to heal itself.

* i finally got to see donut's baby, munchkin, today. omg--another sweet baby girl for me to love. that is the tannest looking baby from the palest (no offense donut) parents i've ever seen. munchkin looks like she just stepped off the beach. and hair? my lord she has a beautiful head of hair.

* since friday my diet has included: cream of wheat (i really love cream of wheat), jello (i don't really like jello), baked potatoes, pudding, yogurt, ice cream and an english muffin w/ peanut butter. i tried soft tacos last night. not so much yet. tonight the kids and i went out to eat and i got quiche--that worked. that's the most substantial thing i've eaten since friday. quiche. if i weren't craving meat and pistachios and cereal i think i could do this all summer and lose some serious poundage.

* in 26 days i will see rod stewart. i remain excited.

* i don't know if this means we've matured or what but despite all of the craziness in our lives right now the hubs and i could not be closer. in the past, when times were stressful we fought like cats and dogs. now it's like we're each other's only safe haven.


Astarte said...

Hey, you're eating!!!! Congrats! And you passed peanut butter, even - that's impressive. I don't like jello, either, unless it's got a lot of whipped cream. It gets that... SKIN on it. Ugh.

I'm glad your friend is OK, and that there's a new baby for you to love on. That's the best.

I think it's a good sign that you're not fighting with the hubs. I've noticed recently that when I'm stressed I tend to pick fights with people, and am making a concerted effort not to do so. It sounds like you guys aren't even trying - it's just natural. That's great.

creative kerfuffle said...

the worst jello thing is jellow w/ fruit in it. who the HELL came up w/ that? ewwww

good luck on making the effort not to pick fights. i never knew how to do that. it's like there are things i know i need to change but don't know how to? this thing w/ the hubs is amazing though. a couple of years ago we fell into this wonderful sync (not bad after going on 16 yrs of marriage). not that we don't still argue, but i just don't know how to describe the contentment.

Kristin.... said...

I love jello. I think I need to make some jello. Except that I'd have to share it with the kids. That's no fun. :)

I pick fights too. More often than I should. I think it's the being home all the time syndrome. I am highly jealous of my husband going out in the world each day. Not that I want to go back to being a lawyer, but to have something to DO that wasn't changing diapers might be good. OMG those SAHMs that are so against working outside the home would KILL me.

creative kerfuffle said...

kristin--jello + puking--not good : ) oh i did think of one way i like jello--jello shots! yummmy.
i'll keep your secret from the SAHMs if you keep mine from the others (work outside the home?WOTH?) cos i'm really beginning to loathe WOTH.