Sunday, July 20, 2008

cliff notes--the weekend update

sweet jesus a lot has been going on around here.

first--my sister? i told you i got an email (or did i? i can't remember) from her that she's dating a guy right? so, looks like they've known each other for a year, been dating a month, are VERY serious and are getting married on aug. 26 at the justice of the peace. yep. i'll give you a sec to digest that. sooo---from what the hubs has gathered (cos she talks to him realizing that i don't give a rat's ass) he doesn't have a steady job, but he works on cars (on the side) does construction (on the side) and moves trailers (on the side). hmmmmm, i'm wondering if he's here legally and if not does my sister realize the ramifications and possible reason for his wanting to get married so quickly (can you say green card?). look , i don't give a flying fuck if he's purple and comes from mars and i really don't even care if he is using her, but damn to become legal (which he may not be) i just wish something would work out in her life that doesn't cause a big kerfuffle all the way around. oh, and he wants to adopt her kids. hmm. i have mixed feelings on that too. ok, you want to screw up your own life (yes, i'm being a negative nelly here, but merely going on past experiences w/ her life) and marry a guy you've only been seriously dating for a month, ok. but to let this guy adopt your kids as well? i just don't know. moving on.

friday i took the day off. the boy had an eye appt. which i thought would be just a check up. he's had the precursory eye exams at the peds office and at school and nothing came up, but this was the 1st eye doc. and low and behold he needs glasses. the hubs said he wonders if anyone ever comes out of an appt. there not needing glasses, but i was in the room w/ him and witness his issues. he, like the girl (and me) has an astigmatism. the doc thinks if they were glasses for a year or so now they might strengthen their eyes and not have to wear them later. we'll see.

after the eye appt. we had lunch w/ my sil and then hung out with her, puddin and gameboy. i hadn't seen them in awhile and it was great. just hanging out, no pressure, holding puddin, chatting w/ my sil, the boys played, the girl fawned over puddin and fed her and changed her diaper. it was nice : )

friday night we got me, the hubs and the boy mp3 players : ) we've been bitten by the rhapsody bug and now all fight over who gets on the computer next to down load songs and put them on their player. it's quite awesome. we even got the adapters so we could listen to them in the car. whooohoooo!

saturday we did a bit of yard work and house work and the hubs found a pretty good deal on a wii that was a bundle pack w/ extra controllers and a game or something. i know little about these things and in fact have not even played it yet. it was guilt that bought that thing. our kids really don't play video games. we had a playstation (or some derivative thereof) for awhile and they never played it. but wii? they've been enthralled. but as i said, guilt bought it. this summer is much like last summer in that once we get into it our grand plans for taking a week off and actually taking a real vacation get trampled in the mud and crusted over by our stoopid jobs. school starts back on aug 25 and we've been no where. i've had one work trip and leave again next week (though i do get to see rod) and he's had trips in between mine. this was the same as last summer--when we got the pool out of guilt. fuck i hate working. of course if i didn't we wouldn't have insurance or you know, food, but still, it sticks in my craw that i can't take a kick ass vacation this summer. we do hope to take at least a 4-day weekend before school starts and go to the beach or something. both kids really want to go to dc and disney, but i really do not want to do either of those things in the sweltering summer.

friday night at tarjay we ran into these people from our church. we have not been to church in more than a yr. seems we have a new pastor and so we went to check him out this morning. i have a whole other post to write about going to church and my thoughts on religion etc. but just can't put it in words right now. it was fine this morning. i'm not a big church person, but it was fine. our kids go to a church-run daycare by default--cos it's nice and lots of activities and cheaper than the y--not because it's christian (because it's a wee bit more fundamentalists for me). the hubs seems excited about this new pastor and vbs started tonight and the girl is excited about that. the boy and i are luke warm.

(disclaimer--i'm a lazy typist tonight and realize there are a slew of mispellings etc. but i'm too lazy to fix them. just know i know they're there and i realize it and am not stupid ; ) )


Kristin.... said...

I love my IPod. Doug got me a car adapter for my birthday and I play it ALL THE TIME! You know, when I get out, so not very often. sad.

You know I feel about working/notworking/nomoney shit. I have turned into this stressed out crank about money and the inability to get a break. argh.


We aren't church goers. I doubt I'll ever blog about it. We were married in a church, but haven't been in a thousand years. Ok, enough of that.

creative kerfuffle said...

k--i love the mp3 thing though i need to find a good station in the car cos mine is staticky (is that even a word? prolly not). i'm becoming a crank about the job as well. i either need to suck it up and shut the hell up or get out. church--i'll be posting more on that.

{sue} said...

Bizarre on the wedding. WTF? And now you have me worried about the school vision testing. Because I got glasses (almost the same as yours!) in 5th grade and my oldest is going into 5th grade. I couldn't believe how blind I was when I put that first pair on and I always wonder why no one ever noticed. (Making eye dr. appt!)

And I love our Wii! But be SURE to use the wrist strap! We just spent HOURS this week cleaning up broken glass from a picture that got hit with a flying controller. At least it wasn't the TV.