Tuesday, July 15, 2008

bleary eyed and down trodden

picture me pouting and scowling and harumphing and kicking things like a spoiled child (or much like henry viii). i am bleary eyed from staying up reading the other boleyn girl until 3:30 am. yes, you read that right. i have not finished the book but simply did not want to put it down.

i am down trodden because the mother of the boy's best friend called last night to see if the boy could spend the day with him. she's a nurse and works on weekends, but she's off, all week, with her three kids. it is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to feel good about working and coming in here day after day when i know my kids would rather be doing something else than spending the summer at daycare.

naturally the girl is totally pissed that the boy doesn't have to go to daycare today, despite the fact that she's been on at least 2-3 sleepovers or parties since the end of school. she thought i should let her stay home alone today. uh, fuck no.


Astarte said...

I'm sorry the kids are giving you a hard time about being in daycare, but frankly, and I speak from experience here, if you were at home they'd give you a hard time about THAT. They'd fight a lot because they were sick of each other, complain of being bored with the house (because when you're home you can't afford to go places all the time, and even if you could, going places all the time gets old as well), and generally pester the living shit out of you. I guess what I'm saying is that no solution is perfect, unless you're wealthy and can all jet off to wherever you want with your nanny. Even then, I bet the kids would find SOMETHING to bitch about.

Nice try on your daughter's part, BTW.

creative kerfuffle said...

astarte--in my brain i know you're right as rain. my kids would bitch no matter what, they prove that to me every day. in my heart i of course feel guilty as hell.