Sunday, July 13, 2008

back from atlanta

i got back from atlanta last night. oy vey it's good to be home. so, what's been going on? how was my trip you may ask?

last week i had an eye appt. and i supose the good news is that my cataracts, though quite lovely and unique as my eye dr said, are not impairing my vision. my prescription has changed, duh, doesn't it always, and i had to pick out new glasses. i hate doing that. so, in a coupla weeks i'll have a new look. i wear contacts and glasses. my contacts are bifocal but my glasses are not. my current contacts do not allow me to read things close up or sometimes reading in general is touch w/contacts. i am vain though and prefer to wear my contacts more than my glasses. usually this bites me in the ass.

so, on to the trip. thursday my new person and i went to atlanta for work. i basically needed to show her around, etc. thursday we spent the whole day w/ a retail family in our industry, a family i know and love and it was a great day, but still, i had a shadow all the time. we visited their stores, had lunch, did an interview and then had dinner with them and some other people. the restaurant was dimly lit, it was late in the day and really could barely make out the menu w/ my contacts. i basically listened to what the people around me were ordering and ordered something from their "oral menu." it was fine and all was well and we got back to the hotel around 10:30 and i was a vegatable. i talked to the hubs and the kids (they had gone to bed but weren't yet asleep) and was asleep by 11:30.

friday we worked the show, me and my shadow. i'm not used to having someone follow me all the time. it is weird. i have no privacy. and, since i'm the boss i feel like i have to set the tone and keep up this ridiculous pace. we had another dinner friday night and didn't get back to the hotel until 11. again, i could barely work a crossword puzzle before conking out. saturday we worked the show and then went to the airport WAY too early for our 7:30 pm flight home. i was just over it all and tired and tired of having someone around 24/7.

oh, and what makes this whole thing even better is that oh, about monday, i started getting this GIANT, i mean mt. vesuviously giant zit right in the laughline crevace above my lip. yeah, that looked huge and red and GREAT BIG all fucking week! when we were at dinner thursday night i was joking about it w/ one of the girls in the family we were with (she's 20 something) and she said she uses proactive (yes, the one on tv) and has for years. the girl has beautiful skin--ok, it was dimly lit in the restaurant, but seriously, i never would have thought she had acne issues. and the thing in, i don't either. seriously, i've never had that battle thank god. but once in a blue moon i will get one huge one, typically at the most inopportune time (like there's ever a GOOD time for a huge living zit?).

while i was gone the girl went to a birthday sleepover party friday and the boy and the hubs had "guy night." this involves rootbeer, the boy's choice of dinner and watching movies/TV until the wee hours of the morning. also, yesterday my brother left for a week-long mission trip via his church to mexico. they're holding sports camps and building stuff this week. he's a better person than i am.

the boy is begging me to inspect a strange looking bug on the trampoline so i guess i'm done here.

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