Tuesday, July 8, 2008

wall e

we went to see wall e sunday w/ my bro/sil/puddin/gameboy and my friend broad minded and her adorable spawn (what??? that's what she calls him, not me). he's a precious blond-haired blue eyed cutie that held my hand in the movie. ok, ok, it was because wall e was trying to hold hands w/ the other robot, but still it was sweet.

what can i say? it didn't thrill me. actually it kind of depressed me. basically the story line goes that people fucked up earth so badly that the population had to go on a "space cruise" while robots cleaned up the planet. for 700 years. humans turned into fat-asses extraordinaire since robots took care of their every need.

walle was stuck on earth to clean up and eve was probe robot sent to find life. she found a plant. now that's all i'm telling you.

i'm not a big robot lover to begin w/ so i didn't really get into the movie. not like kung fu panda, which totally kicked ass and i loved.

as far as animated movies go, here are some of my faves:

lady and the tramp
alice in wonderland
song of the south
charlotte's web
finding nemo
the incredibles
toy story (1 and 2)
monsters inc
the polar express


creative kerfuffle said...

cool--i'm in someone's feeder : ) whoot! and dude--$9 for a movie? doesn't your part of hell have a $3 movie? depending on how old your kids are though, they might like the robot flick.

Astarte said...

I liked Wall-e, but you're right, it was depressing that the earth was that f*'d up. I think what I liked the best was no annoying, insipid dialogue. Especially, no annoying songs.

My favs are:
101 Dalmations
Howl's Moving Castle
Monsters, Inc
Emperor's New Groove (I love this one so much! Oh, too funny!!!)
Meet the Robinsons
Pixar Animated Shorts (which you can get in a collection on DVD, oh, so funny!)

I think I still like all the others, too, really, it's just that I'm sick to death of them! I still haven't recovered from the Princess Bonanza Josie went through a few years ago for what seemed like a millennium. Ugh. Disney is a marketing MACHINE. Also, I prefer Pixar (I know they've been acquired by the Big D, but they still seem separate somehow).

PS - you're in my feed, too!