Wednesday, July 9, 2008

fill er up

so, i thought i'd give you something else to read, cos ya know, i'm going to be gone for a few days for a work trip to hotlanta.

so i'm sitting in the new pod (it's really half a pod) thinking that i really should be getting some work done and at the same time thinking i am so fucking tired of this place i think i could cry. i'm hearing way too much crap i don't want to hear since we're all sitting so close together. one guy in here beats the shit out of his keyboard, like where the hell did he learn to type? and he rarely speaks. at first i thought it was because he was shy. when he first came here i tried to make him feel welcome cos he's a fellow west virginian. but now i'm beginning to think it's because he's just not that bright.

the guy catty corner to me has a voice like slingblade. yes, i'm serious. he talks loudly on the phone. hell, you could whisper on the phone in here and it's still loud. plus, his wife calls him on his cell phone like 54 times a day. the ringer is loud, she is loud. i can't hear what she is saying but i can hear her voice.

the guy in front of me is cool and he's not on the phone alot so that's good. he has a wicked sense of humor like me. oddly enough he used to work with a boss i had a kabillion years ago.

my new staff person sits to my right. she's quiet. she will be traveling w/ me this week. yes, i'm so delighted.

i guess it could always be worse right? my friend sweet t just emailed me that she's working on a spanish version of a mammography brochure. in case you're wondering, i asked. the spanish word for boob is seno.

non sequitor
do you have rituals at your house? no, not like find a stray animal and paint a pentagram on your kitchen floor type rituals, but things you do w/ some regularity?
the hubs informed me last night that i have going-out-of-town routines. these routines have developed subconsciously cos i certainly didn't plan them.

so after our behind-closed-door-session yesterday the hubs said, so, will that hold you until sunday? i was like--uh wtf are you talking about i don't leave until thursday and i get home saturday. he said yes, but we don't usually have sex the night before you leave and the night you get home you're usually too tired. wtf? i did not realize this at all.

i think he told me that just so we'd have sex tonight so i'd prove him wrong. like a reverse psychology kind of thing?

i do know that i like to have the house pretty much in order before i leave, though lord knows the kids trash it the very next day. i have to give the hubs props though cos i always come home to a clean house and children that are still alive and well. he really does kick ass at keeping all the balls in the air while i'm gone.

what else? oh, it's 19 days until i see rod stewart. i know, exciting isn't it?
do you ever go back and read your own blog from start to finish? yeah, me neither, that would be so narcissistic right? ok, hell, i've done it.

while i'm gone the girl has a sleepover birthday party to go to. the boy and the hubs will have "guy night." the boy looked at the hubs seriously last night at the dinner table and said, "dad, you know what this means right?" "right." "we need rootbeer."

ok, i'll stop now cos i'm just typing and the thoughts aren't coagulating.

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