Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the evilness of the internet

dammit to hell. so i'm on rhapsody downloading music like a mofo right? my library is getting full. i've downloaded stuff for the girl's mp3 player. all is good. then i go to burn a cd and fuckity fuck fuck you have to pay 99 cents per song to burn a track to a cd. even with a membership. for real? that sucks.

i thought that's what my membership was covering. dammit!

ok, so does anyone else download music, and if so, do you really pay 99 cents a song? 99 cents doesn't sound like much but when you're talking a buttload of tracks that adds up.

is there anywhere (even suscription sites) that let you burn unlimited songs to a cd?

one way to get around this is for the hubs, the boy and i to each get our own mp3 player, but i like listening to my cds in the car. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllpppp! i should have known it was too good to be true.

oh and fyi we did have night before being out of town sex.

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broad minded said...

yeah, i use itunes since i am about all things apple and it is 99 cents a song or 9.99 for an album. but that is even to download them to the computer. i don't think it has anything like free mp3 downloads, but then my computer skills can be somewhat arcane as well.

thought of some more tunes though— son volt "drown", the sundays "here's where the story ends, and depeche mode "blue dress."

have a good trip.