Tuesday, July 8, 2008

readers, music and sex

first i had a totally vanilla day. sitting in the new hell hole pod i sit in, though i have no walls and if i look up i can see the other pod groundhogs' heads, i feel alone, cut off from the world that was mine before this move. i really am trying to make the most of it but frankly it sucks balls.

so, after the vanilla day i came home blah. amazing how sex makes things better. it must be all those endorphins or something, but at least something good happened today.

in another note, i have finally tried google reader and it's not bad. i have a kabillion blogs listed in my faves that i visit from time to time. the ones i read on a regular basis are in my sidebar over there--so i stuck some of them in google reader. even for me, the non-technophile, it was pretty easy. now i just sign into google reader to see if anyone's posted anything new rather than going to my blog and running through the links. very cool.

thanks to all of you who've sent me music suggestions. i should note here also that my good friend big t totally introduced me to van morrison (not literally of course) last year. i wrote a lot about van then, several posts. it was like falling in love i was so into him, and still am but i don't listen to him 24/7 like i did then.

so, i will begin downloading all of your suggestions and comment on my thoughts here from time to time.

though i don't think the hubs has read the blog for awhile and hasn't been able to put in his two cents worth about his song picks, i will list a few here. for those of you who know him irl, these may surprise you. i know my taste is all over the place, but dude, his is really all over the place.

songs the hubs likes:circle in the sand
eternal flame
(honestly, he i think he'd leave me for the bangles)
everything i do i do for you
me so horny
put her in the buck (these two from two live crew--yes, white boy has a little gansta in him)
my perrogative
love shack (we do a great karoke duet to this one)
grandpa (and lots of other judds songs)

i leave thursday for atlanta for work and will be home saturday. for the first time in a long time i'm not taking a work computer with me so there will be no live bloggin on this trip. i'll only be there two nights and have a work dinner each night so it's not like i'll have loads of time. plus i figure i might finally read the other bolyn girl that i've had for months and haven't even opened yet.

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