Wednesday, July 9, 2008

seno evil, speak no evil, hear no evil

i know a bad pun. but now i have seno on the brain. actually this touches on a previous post about showing off the girls.

i decided to finally unpack some of the boxes that were sitting on the floor of my pod this afternoon and at least make it look like i'm not ready to bolt at the drop of a hat or an extraordinary job offer.

as i was doing so i thought, huh, this is what the hubs means. the seno (is it senos plural?) could clearly be seen as i was bending over.

the hubs told me if i asked around the office (and the men were honest) that i work with people who've seen my clevage. (not like nips and stuff, c'mon this is a respectable place). he said think about this--your pussy of a boss has seen your tatas. yeah, ok, that makes me feel good. evidently, seeing the tatas wasn't quite enough to let me stay in my nice cushy pod instead of moving into this shit hole.

like i'm going to go around asking if anyone's seen the twins. yeah right.

ok, unless i don't get lucky tonight this really is my last post at least until sunday. talk amongst yourselves, and if you haven't thought about your music recommendations and sent them, you can do that while i'm gone. (like you don't have anything else to do right?) if you don't want to comment, email at

luv ya. mean it.

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