Wednesday, July 30, 2008

he waved at me

hello my peeps : )

ok, this is just a quicky cos it is about 10pm vegas time and i have to prepare for my 8:30 am presentation tomorrow and i'm a nervous wreck over it. i HATE public speaking crap with a passion and am firmly convinced i'll be speaking to maybe 5 people cos 8:30 is too early to do anything in vegas.

anyway--i'm sure you are all dying to hear about my rod experience. i have lots and lots to share and will no doubt blog incessetantly about this when i have more than five minutes, but the down and dirty is that i got a vip pass, i was on the SECOND fucking row and i took an assload of pictures and video. yes my loves, i will post pictures when i get back home. he. was. totally. awesome. before it started i almost got the chance for a meet n greet with him, y'all know i would have passed out or at least peed my pants if that happened right? we did get to go back stage and i was like 6 feet away from him and then his people said that was it, i was like 5 people away from getting my picture taken w/ him. he was lovely. but the even better part is that during the concert he made eye contact and waved at me. i shit you not. not like he was just randomly looking in the crowd and waved, but he looked at ME! perhaps because i was one of the youngest ones that far up front and was singing along to every song : ) it was a great performance and i will write more details and pics later. or perhaps it's the new glasses that drew his eye. lol : )

vegas is hot. 105 degrees hot. yes it's a dry heat but so is a damn oven.


Astarte said...

No WAY! I'm so happy for you!

Ugh, Vegas in the summer.

Trish said...

did you wave back or just pass out?

broad minded said...

can't wait to hear more!

Kristin.... said...

Are you still floating? :)
can't wait to hear more.