Thursday, October 11, 2007

the breakup

the girl has broken up with the shrimp again. this time she says it's because he was abusing his power. he's a hall monitor and apparently he was "throwing his weight around." ah, napoleonic complex.

today at lunch he was cutting in line and pushing people, so he could stand near her in line, and when they sat down she told him he shouldn't be so mean to people. he said he could be mean if he wanted to. she said, you know, you're a nice guy and all but we're through. then he opened his mouth (full of food). he then said he knew she never liked him. she said, you got that right. then something else was said, still haven't gotten the full story, so she called him a jerk, loser and a wienie. egad do i really have like 8 more years of this to deal with?

i tried to explain to her that even if she doesn't like him anymore and doesn't want to be his girlfriend she should still be nice when she's breaking up with him because some day she could be on the other side of that. she said she was still mad because last year when they broke up he started dating someone else two weeks later and she just didn't understand how he could do that so fast.

can we say drama queen? i feel for her, i really do, but i don't know what to tell her.

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